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Sep 02, 2009

  1. [8456] Implement area check for SPELL_ATTR_EX6_NOT_IN_RAID_INSTANCE

    Base at hunuza reseach.
    VladimirMangos authored
  2. triply

    [8455] Do not disband guild, if guild ranks are not defined for that …

    …guild, removed obsolete comment.
    Do not allow to delete guild rank, when there are only 5 or less ranks defined.
    Signed-off-by: Triply <>
    triply authored
  3. [8454] Implement aura SPELL_AURA_MOD_TARGET_ARMOR_PCT.

    This fix work stance 2457, talent 12284/13709 and ranks, partly talent 61154 and ranks.
    Signed-off-by: VladimirMangos <>
    Lutik authored VladimirMangos committed
  4. [8453] Make more informative error output in case empty version tables.

    VladimirMangos authored
  5. hunuza

    [8452] Add describtion for two attributes flags.

    Signed-off-by: hunuza <>
    hunuza authored
  6. [8451] Implement talent 47236 and ranks.

    Added changes base at merge of patches suggested by pasdVn and Astellar.
    VladimirMangos authored
  7. arrai

    [8450] Prevented using of plaintext passwords in sql queries

    arrai authored

Sep 01, 2009

  1. [8449] Deprecate healing/damage item mods and merge internal data in …

    …to spell power.
    * Report at loading about deprecated ITEM_MOD_SPELL_HEALING_DONE and ITEM_MOD_SPELL_DAMAGE_DONE
      and drop support code.
    * Merge healing/damage base spell bonus fields and function to spell power field/function.
    VladimirMangos authored
  2. [8448] Fixed loaded spell target position records in log.

    Signed-off-by: VladimirMangos <>
    ksergik authored VladimirMangos committed
  3. [8447] Small code cleanups in guild loading.

    VladimirMangos authored

    …eal alive cases.
    This fix problem with temporary "alive" cases for prist talent for example.
    Signed-off-by: VladimirMangos <>
    * Use final damage for check
    * Also fix CMSG_REPOP_REQUEST read warning spam.
    Opterman authored VladimirMangos committed
  5. arrai

    [8445] Fixed redundant calculation of v and s on every login

    The SRP-6 specifications clearly say, that v and s are only to be
    calculated on registering a user and changing his password; calculating
    them on every login is plain waste.
    arrai authored

Aug 31, 2009

  1. [8444] Prevent spawn gameobjects with invalid displayid by command.

    Also fix mangos string for not existed gameobejct entry.
    VladimirMangos authored
  2. [8443] Implement use of UNIT_FLAG_OOC_NOT_ATTACKABLE for creature.

    Creature with this flag will no longer be attackable by other creatures, and if by any reason it enter combat, flag is removed.
    Signed-off-by: NoFantasy <>
    NoFantasy authored

Aug 30, 2009

  1. arrai

    [8442] Fixed displaying return button in mails

    arrai authored
  2. [8441] Implement check DBs versions (required_* fields) at mangosd/re…

    …almd loading.
    * git_id updated to generate revision_sql.h file with required_* fields strings.
    * mangosd/realmd changed to include header and check this strings at startup.
    * mangosd/realmd will terminated if related strings not match in DB content.
      In most cases this meaning that not all expected sql updates applied.
      Current required_* field stored in DB output in error to help find what last sql updates applied.
    IMPORTNAT NOTE for mangos devs: please update used git_id before adding next commits with sql updates!
    VladimirMangos authored

Aug 29, 2009

  1. [8440] Reset cooldown for triggred spell 61848 before it casting.

    This is second case simialr hack, maybe possible find more nice way for this...
    VladimirMangos authored
  2. [8439] Fixed counting loaded extra spell bonuses.

    Signed-off-by: VladimirMangos <>
    win authored VladimirMangos committed
  3. [8438] Correctly update achievement at bank bag slot buy instead next…

    … login.
    Signed-off-by: VladimirMangos <>
    Fog authored VladimirMangos committed
  4. [8437] Remove redundent player typeid check.

    VladimirMangos authored

    It sent not only just after logout but also just before login packet.
    VladimirMangos authored
  6. [8435] More work in repally passives at spelmod apply/remove.

    * Fixed infinity recursion at reapply spell mod aura by self triggering.
    * Reapply pet/totems passives.
    VladimirMangos authored
  7. TOM_RUS

    [8434] Fxied typo in account data loading.

    Signed-off-by: VladimirMangos <>
    tomrus88 authored VladimirMangos committed
  8. [8433] Implement proper store and use character specific account data.

    * Base at TOM_RUS reseach save/load character specific account data in new table `character_account_data`
    * Move its in sql update from `account_data` to new table.
    * For client packets that can be send in loggined state or just after logout but assocualted
      with recently logout character add new login status STATUS_LOGGEDIN_OR_RECENTLY_LOGGOUT
    * Store low guid for loggedin player or recently logout into WorldSession.
    VladimirMangos authored

Aug 28, 2009

  1. [8432] Ship pkg.m4 with mangos.

    derex authored
  2. [8431] Avoid unlearn class skills at unlearn spell learned at skill l…

    VladimirMangos authored
  3. [8430] Reapply persistent passive spells at related spellmods apply/r…

    This is solve problems with talents/glyphs/etc that affect of some talent/passive ability bonus in case:
    affected talent/ability spell aura already applied before spellmod apply and not affecte as must until relearn/reload.
    Example: talent 14983 and later applied glyph 42971.
    Also drop dead code for removed in 3.x talent 12303.
    VladimirMangos authored

Aug 27, 2009

  1. [8429] Not allow stacking SPELL_AURA_PERIODIC_ENERGIZE from diff cast…

    VladimirMangos authored
  2. [8428] Implement proper amount absorbed damage for spell 62600.

    Other change jus move code under "if(apply) else"
    VladimirMangos authored
  3. balrok

    [8427] remove afk-flag at bg-join

    Signed-off-by: balrok <>
    balrok authored
  4. [8426] Use upper/lower iterator pairs as result instead 2 function ca…

    VladimirMangos authored
  5. [8425] Implement SPELL_EFFECT_LEAP_BACK and spell 781

    * Move CMSG_MOVE_KNOCK_BACK_ACK (player case) to Unit::KnockBackFrom
    * Implement creature case, most at hack way currently :(
      Need information about expected server packet, and possible some disorientation movegen apply at short time.
    * In adition of spell 781 implement related creature versions.
    VladimirMangos authored

Aug 26, 2009

  1. arrai

    [8424] Added support for strict chatmessage validation

    arrai authored
  2. [8423] Fixed typo in mangos.sql.

    VladimirMangos authored
  3. [8422] Implement far sight like spells work for long distance.

    * Added basic infrastructure for visibility update in case difference player and current view point.
      Just for note: seletect additional arg way beacuse repeatable search object will slow but store pointer will not safe,
      so use middle case: get view point pointer early as possible at visibility updates.
    * Implement dynamic object and creature activisation while it's target of far sight spell effect
    * Note2: some spyglass like spells let look _around_ at long distance, this hard implement in current grid loading system
      Without additional changes and not implemented (you will see empty area without creatures in likes case)
    * Also fixed warning spam at CMSG_MOVE_SET_CAN_FLY_ACK receive by use proper packet sructure reading.
    VladimirMangos authored
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