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Worldpay LINK Cartridge

  • Description: Worldpay is a leading global provider of payment and risk services, processing millions of transactions every day. We provide an end-to-end service including card acquiring, treasury, gateway, alternative payments and risk management, all of which can be accessed through a single integration.As leaders in payment processing, our focus is helping clients accept payments from all over the world and increase customer conversions.Offer shoppers fast, secure and seamless checkout experience with Apple Pay. Now available with our global payments integration. For more information, visit our Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration page at Commerce Cloud clients can now implement Apple Pay for the web. With a simple configuration you can benefit from higher mobile conversion, improved security on every transaction, and out of the box functionality that reduce development time and cost. .
  • Categories: Payment Processing, Fraud Detection
  • Version: 21.2.0
  • SFRA Compatibility: v6.0.0
  • Last Certification Date: 22-Jan-2021
  • SFRA Installation and Overview Guide
  • Test Case Guide
  • Technical Guide

Contribution guidelines###

There are two ways you can contribute to this project:

  1. File an Issue using the GitHub Issues facility in the Navigation Menu. There are no guarantees that issues that are filed will be addressed or fixed within a certain time frame, but logging issues is an important step in improving the quality of these integrations.

  2. If you have a suggested code fix, please fork this repository and issue a 'pull request' against it. The LINK partner will evaluate the pull request, test it, and possibly integrate it back into the main code branch. Even if the LINK partner does not choose to adopt your pull request, you've still helped the community because the pull request is now logged with this repository where other customers, clients, and integrators can see it and any of them can choose to adopt your suggested changes.

Thank you for helping improve the quality of this cartridge!