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WormholeXTreme is a Stargate plugin for the minecraft_server Bukkit mod.
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Wormhole X-Treme v0.854

New Install:

0. Download the zip containing plugin, hsqldb, and gate shape files.

1. Unzip file into same directory that your craftbukkit.jar exists in. This should put 
   the hsqldb.jar into the lib/ folder, the WormholeXTreme.jar into the plugins/ folder,
   and the latest versions of GateShapes into the plugins/WormholeXTreme/GateShapes/ folder.
2. start server

3.   (Optional) Stop the server and edit the newly generated /plugins/WormholeXTreme/settings.txt 
     file as needed.

3.1. (Optional) Edit gate shapes in /plugins/WormholeXTreme/GateShapes/

3.2. (Optional) If using the Permissions plugin based plugin, set up the appropriate permissions.
     If using SIMPLE_PERMISSIONS = true remember to use permissions from the Simple Mode list, 
     otherwise use nodes from Complex Node.
3.3. (Optional) Start Server again


0.   Download the zip containing plugin, hsqldb, and gate shape files.

1.   Extract WormholeXTreme.jar to your plugins/ folder, overwriting existing file.

2.   (Optional, if upgrading to 3d shapes) If upgrading from v0.833 or earlier, start server before 
     updating gate shapes. 
2.1. (Optional, if upgrading to 3d shapes) From the console run 'wormhole custom -all true'

2.2. (Optional, if upgrading to 3d shapes) Shut down, Replace gate shapes with new shapes from 3d
     GateShapes/3d/ folder. Edit shapes as needed.
3.   Start server.

4.   If gates act weird, remove them and re-add them.

Permissions Plugin Nodes: (Controlled by plugins/WormholeXTreme/settings.txt - SIMPLE_PERMISSIONS)

    Complex Mode:
    wormhole.use.sign - lets a user use sign gates.
    wormhole.use.dialer - lets a user use '/dial' gates
    wormhole.use.compass - lets a user use '/wxcompass' command.
    wormhole.remove.own - lets a user remove a gate that they own
    wormhole.remove.all - lets a user remove any gate - Able to build new wormholes
    wormhole.config - Able to configure settings like material and timeout
    wormhole.list - Able to use '/wxlist' command to list wormholes - Able to use wormholes on NETWORKNAME - Able to build wormholes on NETWORKNAME
    wormhole.go - allows user to use '/wxgo' command. - Part of build restriction group one. - Part of build restriction group two. - Part of build restriction group three.
    wormhole.cooldown.groupone - Part of wormhole use cooldown group one.
    wormhole.cooldown.grouptwo - Part of wormhole use cooldown group two.
    wormhole.cooldown.groupthree - Part of wormhole use cooldown group three.

    Simple Mode:
    wormhole.simple.use - Lets a user use wormholes. - Lets a user build wormholes.
    wormhole.simple.remove - Lets a user remove wormholes.
    wormhole.simple.config - Lets a user configure WormholeXTreme settings

To Build:

 0. Install Maven and all of its dependencies. 

 1.   Git clone the WX repo.
 1.1. Wormhole X-Treme git repo: git://

 2.   Git clone Permissions. Do a mvn install for Permissions.
 2.1. Permissions git repo: git://

 3.   Force Help into your local repo.
 3.1  (example commands) 'mvn install:install-file -Dfile=Help.jar -DgroupId=me.taylorkelly -DartifactId=Help \
                           -Dversion= -Dpackaging=jar -DgeneratePom=true'
 3.2  Help location:
 4.   Run a 'mvn install' in the directory you ran the git clone of WX into.
 5.   Enjoy plugin that is now in target/. It will be a jar or a package zip.   
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