S3 and Cloudfront deployer plugin for Hexo
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Amazon S3 and Cloudfront deployer plugin for Hexo. Based on Josh Strange's orginial plugin.


$ npm install hexo-deployer-s3-cloudfront --save


Add the plugin in the plugins list in _config.yml:

- hexo-deployer-s3-cloudfront

and configure the plugin in the same file with:

# You can use this:
  type: s3-cloudfront
  bucket: <S3 bucket>
  aws_key: <AWS id key>  // Optional, if the environment variable `AWS_KEY` is set
  aws_secret: <AWS secret key>  // Optional, if the environment variable `AWS_SECRET` is set
  concurrency: <number of connections> // Optional
  force_overwrite: <true/false> // Optional: If existing files should be forcefully overwritten on S3. Default: true
  region: <region>  // Optional, default: us-standard
  prefix: <cloudfront distribution> // Optional: S3 key prefix ending in /
  cf_distribution: <cloudfront distribution> // Optional: Which distribution should be invalidated?
  headers: <headers in JSON format> // pass any headers to S3, usefull for metadata cache setting of Hexo assets

Example: header Cache-Control

  type: s3-cloudfront
  bucket: my-site-bucket
  cf_distribution: mydistributionid
  headers: {CacheControl: 'max-age=604800, public'}

This will set "Cache-Control" header in every file deployed to max-age 1 week. This solves "Leverage browser caching" on most page speed analyzers. For custom metadata use:

  headers: {Metadata : { x-amz-meta-mykey: "my value" }}