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Omnik Data Logger

===== Omnik Data Logger is a small script for uploading data from a Omniksol Solar inverter, equipped with a wifi module, to a database and/or to

This script is designed to be run as a cronjob every minute. Every time this script is run the data from the inverter will be send to the database. And with a five minute interval the data will also be uploaded to as a live status.

Supported inverters

Users reported that this script works for wifi kits with a s/n starting with 602xxxxxx to 606xxxxxx. With wifi kits in the range 601xxxxxx it is not possible to get the data directly from the inverter. So sniffing the data send to the omnik portal is required, see OmnikMQTT by wouterbaake ( .

Owners of a Wifi kit starting with s/n 402xxxxxxx should checkout Omnikol-PV-Logger by t3kpunk (

Installation and Setup

  • Install Python
  • Git clone the source with git clone
  • Copy the config-org.cfg to config.cfg
  • Change the settings in config.cfg
  • Test your settings with python, when successful you should see data from your inverter
  • Run the script with python or better set a scheduled task or cronjob.

Example cronjob

With these options this will execute the script every minute.

* * * * * /usr/bin/python /home/username/Omnik-Data-Logger/

Why copy config-org.cfg, can't I edit it directly?

Yes you can edit config-org.cfg directly. However if you want to update the script your settings will be overwritten with the default values. By creating config.cfg, you can preserve your settings when upgrading.


To help with development when no sun is present a small simulator script can be found in the folder Development. This script works by reading values from to database used by de MysqlOutput, but with the time shifted 6 hours back. To use the simulator, you should use the MysqlOutput to fill the database and configure database settings in de sim-config.cfg file.


Data logger for Omnik Solar Inverters




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