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Hands full? No problem! As long as you have a Pebble smartwatch and at least one free finger, you can read the news—no pulling out your phone required.

Pebble RSS Reader is the only way to read complete news articles, blog posts, or anything else with an RSS feed on your Pebble smartwatch. An unlimited number of feeds are supported, as are articles of any length. Peruse the default feeds, or add your own in Settings.

Download Now From The Appstore!

This is a PebbleJS project, so most of the code specific to this app can be found in app.js. Feel free to ask me questions about how I did anything. If you want to reuse any code, please do note that it's licensed under the GPL (v3 or later). If this license is somehow preventing you from making something awesome, get in touch and we'll work it out.

The issue tracker contains a bunch of "wish list" items which I don't expect I'll ever get around to myself. Help with any of them would be greatly appreciated.

Lots of thanks to:

  • Cralex (testing)
  • Molayl (rss2json api)
  • Rebble Team

...and every website that offers full-text RSS feeds