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A Fountain export tool with some extras...
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A Fountain/Wrap export tool, with some extras...


Wrap is an open source command line tool that is able to convert Fountain and Wrap files into a correctly formatted screen- or stageplay as an HTML or a PDF.

Fountain is an awesome format to write screenplays in English, Wrap builds upon this to add support for different languages and stageplays whilst still fully supporting normal Fountain files.

All this in a FOSS package that you can use straight from the commandline.

Learn more here.


Get it from the Snap Store

Wrap is available on Windows, macOS and most major Linux distributions.
Download the latest release.


If you do something cool with Wrap or have any questions, you can leave them on Gitter.

Experience any issues?

Most common issues are listed in the FAQ and on the wiki.

If you suspect it's a bug or have any suggestions: visit the issues page.

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