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@elecprog elecprog released this Apr 16, 2019 · 14 commits to 2346b0c1529e0d5453cac3f1ca68cf12c1cae686 since this release


  • Made (CONT'D) upper case as is the case in most screenplays.
  • Added ability to change (CONT'D) and (MORE) through ContdTag and MoreTag in the title page.
  • The Language tag is now also respected by PDF output when working with Fountain files.
  • Fixed scene detection, Wrap now requires a space after the tag.

Install on Linux: snap install wrap, for the best results you might also want to install Courier Prime.

On a 64 bit Windows machine you can install Wrap using Wrap_Win64.exe.
When you use a Mac download and visit this page for installation instructions.

After installation visit our getting started guide.

Nightlies for next version

This version mainly fixes a ton of bugs in the parser.


  • Character names now have to include a letter in the name itself (the parser incorrectly detected a line with a letter in the character extension to be a character).
  • Non action elements which have indentation in the input now have proper indentation in output.
  • Empty lines after an action element are now ignored, and thus not assumed explicit, you kan keep those lines by using two spaces .
  • General improvements to line identification.

You can download preview binaries for the next Wrap version. Although much care has been taken to provide a working snapshot, these builds can be very unstable: use with care.

To use a nightly version, simply use the _nightly version for your platform. On Linux use: sudo snap install wrap --edge.

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