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Wren:IDM is a community‐developed identity management system with a flexible data model, multiple extension points and scripting support, including JavaScript and Groovy. It can connect to and manage a wide range of systems through the Identity Connector Framework (Wren:ICF).

Wren:IDM is one of the projects in the Wren Security Suite, a community initiative that adopted open‐source projects formerly developed by ForgeRock, which has its own roots in Sun Microsystems’ products.

Wren:IDM itself is focused on identity management processes and it also provides a powerful framework for implementing IAG and a portion of IAM processes as well. Although the project is based on OpenIDM code, it is not affiliated with ForgeRock in any way. It is based on the very latest code available under a CDDL license (not‐yet‐released OpenIDM 5.x).

The features of Wren:IDM include:

  • A complete platform for building IDM and IG solutions using the concepts described below – roles, mappings, synchronizations, workflows, policies, etc.
  • ICF Connector Servers – services that allow connectors to be run outside of the IDM itself. Useful when a connector needs a specific client environment to talk to the integrated system. Also facilitates security. .NET and Java Connector Servers are available.
  • Administration GUI – an interface for making changes to data models and configuration using a point‐and‐click interface rather than Wren:IDM's REST interface.
  • Self‐service GUI – an interface for end‐users to update their profile information, passwords, and preferences.

Both the Administration GUI and Self‐Service GUI are web‐based, single‐page applications that can be turned off in deployments that do not desire to use them [1].


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Getting the Wren:IDM application

You can get Wren:IDM application in couple of ways:

Download binary release

The easiest way to get the Wren:IDM is to download the latest binary release.

Build the source code

In order to build the project from the command line follow these steps:

Prepare your Environment

Following software is needed to build the project:

Software Required Version
OpenJDK 8 and above
Git 2.0 and above
Maven 3.0 and above

Build the source code

All project dependencies are hosted in JFrog repository and managed by Maven, so to build the project simply execute Maven package goal.

$ cd $GIT_REPOSITORIES/wrenidm
$ mvn clean package

Built binary can be found in ${GIT_REPOSITORIES}/wrenidm/openidm-zip/target/wrenidm-${VERSION}.zip.

Docker image

You can also run Wren:IDM in a Docker container. Official Wren:IDM Docker images can be found here.


Project documentation can be found in our documentation platform ( Repository hosting cookbook with common use cases is available on GitHub.


Large portions of the source code are based on the open-source projects previously released by:

  • Sun Microsystems
  • ForgeRock

We'd like to thank them for supporting the idea of open-source software.


Please note that the acknowledged parties are not affiliated with this project. Their trade names, product names and trademarks should not be used to refer to the Wren Security products, as it might be considered an unfair commercial practice.

Wren Security is open source and always will be.


[1] SCHWARTZ, Michael, Maciej MACHULAK. Securing the Perimeter: Deploying Identity and Access Management with Free Open Source Software. Apress, 2018. ISBN 978-1-4842-2601-8.