how to use Awesomium framework with openFrameworks
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how to use awesomium framework with openFrameworks.
this is not an addon, it is a collection of examples. everyone is invited to add new awesomiumish examples.
inspired by Jeff Crouse CodeForArt awesomiumExample.

clone the repository into the openFrameworks addons directory.

$ git clone

download the awesomium framework.
add awesomium framework to repository root directory.

OSX users: You'll need to put this into project settings > Build Phases > Run Script
It will copy the Awesomium.framework into the application bundle.

cp -r "$TARGET_BUILD_DIR/../Awesomium.framework" "$TARGET_BUILD_DIR/$"

Tested Frameworks
awesomium framework version 1.6.5
openFrameworks version 0073

Tested Platforms
Mac OS 10.7