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307.201904161810 Experimental

@Sharlikran Sharlikran released this
· 6 commits to dev-wip-rebase since this release
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  • Basic Enderal Support (Inferno)
  • Fix for Mod Checker
    • Fix for ConfigHelpers bug and invalidVersion
    • Fix is_esl_capable had not attribute verbose
  • Updated LOOT API to 14.x
  • Convert to long FormIDs before patching Stats
    • Fix Duplicate Records In Stats Parsing
  • Fix FNV installer using incorrect variables
  • Rework fomod installer backend
  • Fix for checking if file is mergable after previous changes by Inferno
  • New SKSE cosave support for Skyrim SE only! (SKSE is not required to use Wrye Bash)
    • Shows plugins in save header as they were loaded at runtime.
    • Requires SKSE 2.0.15 (runtime 1.5.73) or higher
    • All cosaves prior to SKSE 2.0.15 will be inaccurate and unsorted
  • Basic FOMOD NMM support by GandaG and erri120
    • Updated FOMOD support by GandaG
  • Cell Patcher Optimization [CptMcSplody]
    • Fixed DynDoLod issue when Bash Patch was active
  • [TES5] Updated header file version to 1.70
  • Fix for AttributeError: 'unicode' object has no attribute 'items' when game INI is located in game folder
  • Minor fix for files ending in .esm but no ESM flag (Although this should never be done by an author)
  • Fix for wrye-bash#428: Space in temp directory causes error in 7zip
  • [FNV] Added missing comma to dataDirsPlus
  • [FO3] Updated MreLeveledList
  • [FNV] Updated MelModel
  • [FO4] Updated class MelModel
  • Update RecordHeader.topTypes
    • Also updated RecordHeader.recordTypes.
    • Removed duplicate AMMO entry which caused Bash to make two groups of the same type and merge the same record with the same FormID into the Bash Patch.
  • Update Fallout 4
    • Imports the same as Skyrim SE to facilitate better importing
    • Updated Leveled List definitions as they are different from Skyrim
  • Tweak to NamesPatcher to remove FACT
    • Nothing else patches it and just breaks it.
  • Remove unused Alias Patcher
  • Add loadInfos for MreDial
  • Remove Add master from all versions
    • This does not update FormIDs and could not do so because some records are not fully decoded.
  • Remove MelOptStructA
  • Update MreLens
  • Updated MreLeveledListBase with extra flag for Skyrim SE
    • Won't effect other games that don't use it because the flg won't be set
  • Fix Exterior Cell Grup Indices Order
  • [FO4] Disable ESLify flagging and ESL verification support
    • All records have to be decoded for this to work
  • Update messages to display ESL rather then Mergable
  • Disable Merge Plugins [Skyrim SE/Fallout 4]
    • This is in place of having improved ESL
  • Added Ghetto ESL qualification check
  • Added Mod_FlipEsl
  • checking commits for ESL in Bash Patch
  • ESL flagged files do not count toward max_espms
  • Adding Default values to MelOptStruct
    • Apparently MelOptStruct looks at default values rather then the data istelf. This should probably be updated because testing WRLD records, WCTR and NAM4 were not carried over into the Bash Patch. An additional Bash Tag is probably not needed.
  • Updated class MelModel
    • This discards textureHashes since they are not used in loose files. Which fixes an issue with adding Form Version 44 to the header of Skyrim SE plugins that contain textureHashes.
  • Remove Critical Oversight
  • C.GridFlags C.MaxHeight
  • Taglist Update LOOT v0.13
  • Update Advanced Readme
  • Add New Cell Tag C.Locklist
  • Add C.Regions to Oblivion
  • Syntax Correction for not in checks
  • Add Persistent Cells to Patcher Check
  • Fix C.Regions ITM & ITPO
  • Refactor Cell Importer
  • Enabled additional patchers for Skyrim
  • Account for truncated records in Skyrim.esm