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Ordered Chaos Monkey Operator

This k8 operator is created for demonstrating purpose using the operator-sdk. It introduces a new Custom Ressource (Definition) "ChaosPod". You can define a prefix (prefixtokill) for to be killed pods. As soon as you create/apply a chaos pod, it kills all pods with said prefix.

Build & Publish Operator (on dockerhub)

operator-sdk build dxjoke/ordered-chaos-monkey-operator:v0.0.1
sed -i 's|REPLACE_IMAGE|dxjoke/ordered-chaos-monkey-operator:v0.0.1|g' deploy/operator.yaml
docker push dxjoke/ordered-chaos-monkey-operator:v0.0.1

Run locally (instead of Build & Publish)

export OPERATOR_NAME=ordered-chaos-monkey-operator

Without debugging:

operator-sdk up local --namespace=default

With debugging:

operator-sdk up local --namespace=default --enable-delve

Create Chaospod Operator

kubectl create -f deploy/crds/chaos_v1alpha1_chaospod_crd.yaml
kubectl create -f deploy/service_account.yaml
kubectl create -f deploy/role.yaml
kubectl create -f deploy/role_binding.yaml
kubectl create -f deploy/operator.yaml

Test/Create chaos pod

First lets create a to killable pod using:

kubectl apply -f somepod/somepod.yml

Create the chaos pod (which should kill the pod of somepod.yml) using:

kubectl apply -f deploy/crds/chaos_v1alpha1_chaospod_cr.yaml

Inspect chaospod: kubectl describe chaospod You will see in Status/Killedpodnames a list of killed pod names (in our case "tokilltwocontainerspod").

Pod tokilltwocontainerspod shouldnt be running anymore as well.

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