An open source productivity tool drawing inspiration from workflowy and vim
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This is a productivity tool which draws some inspiration from workflowy and vim.

Try it out now!

Deploy yourself with docker!


  • Workflowy features
    • tree-like outlining
    • collapsing and zooming into bullets
    • basic text formatting, strike through task completion
  • Vim features
    • (configurable) vim keybindings
    • modal editing
    • undo history, location history, macros, etc.
  • Plugins system (see
    • marks (not like vim's)
    • easy-motion for moving between bullets quickly
    • time tracking
    • LaTeX and HTML rendering
  • Other
    • data import from or export as text file (native Vimflowy format or Workflowy-compatible format)
    • loads data lazily (good for huge documents)
    • search (not like vim's)
    • cloning (bullets duplicated in multiple locations in a document)
    • customizable visual themes


  • No collaborative editing
  • Global search is slow for large documents (so you'll want to use marks)
  • You may need a relatively modern browser (minimally HTML5 LocalStorage and Flexbox). I test only in recent versions of Chrome and Firefox.


Vimflowy was designed to work with multiple storage backends.

By default, you own your own data, as it is stored locally on your computer. However, you can let Google host it for you, or host it yourself.

See here for more info.


See the deployment documentation for details. You can deploy with docker, or build from source yourself.


Contributions are very welcome! See to see how to get started with a development setup.



FAQ (AKA questions I imagine people would ask me)

see here