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Whats new?

Auto turn in

It is recommended you revisit the settings for this module.

  • Completely re-wrote
  • Auto Gossip will talk to all NPC's now.
  • Auto loot selection & Auto Equip.
    • If a quest has multiple rewards SUI will compare your currently equipped gear with the quest rewards. To determine if a reward is a item level upgrade. Should a quest reward be a upgrade it will select it AND equip it for you. If no item is an upgrade it will automatically select the item that vendors for the most.
  • Turn in and Gossiping can be temporarily disabled by holding Alt

Auto sell

  • Selling system re-built
  • Items ber bag per cycle option depreciated


  • Adjustable sizes
  • Runes displayed
  • Combopoints WIP
  • Threat WIP

Setup Wizard

  • Completely re-wrote
  • New Skin
  • New screens added
    • More to come!
  • Now Re-runable via /sui setup or on /suihelp
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