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Title: Settings
Description: How to set global settings and a list of all general settings metadata.
Order: 4
You can specify global settings that are available from the current `IExecutionContext`. This is often used by recipes
to configure the generation and control different options. You can also use settings to pass information from your
configuration file to [Razor](/modules/razor) templates or anything else that has access to the current `IExecutionContext`.
Note that the settings dictionary values are objects, so you can store simple primitive values or complex structures as well.
<pre><code>Settings["Foo"] = "Bar";</code></pre>
Additionally, settings are inherited as metadata in each document. Every pipeline starts with a single document that
has had it's metadata populated with the settings you specify in the configuration file. You can use this facility to
introduce variables that can influence the way the pipeline behaves or to initialize documents with initial values
for document-specific metadata.
<p>Recipes and themes may also introduce their own settings.</p>
<p>The following is a list of all global settings that you can set in the configuration file:</p>
@Html.Partial("_Keys", new KeysModel("Wyam.Common.Configuration.ISettings", "Setting"))