@daveaglick daveaglick released this Jan 16, 2019 · 17 commits to master since this release

  • [Fix] Fixed directional arrows in docs class diagrams (#765, thanks @gpriaulx)
  • [Feature] Improved large docs class diagrams by adding panning and zooming (#718)
  • [Fix] Fixed links in docs class diagrams (#719)
  • [Feature] New extensions for IModuleList to make getting specific modules easier (#763)
  • [Feature] If module now exposes conditions and their modules (#761, thanks @ociaw)
  • [Fix] Fixed BookSiteKeys.BookImage references in the Velocity theme (#760, thanks @damccull)
  • [Feature] Improved the fakes in Wyam.Testing to allow for custom type conversions when needed
  • [Refactoring] IExecutionContext.GetLink() overloads now return the absolute URI if one is provided instead of trying to convert it to a relative link (#629)

Please see https://wyam.io/docs/usage/obtaining for important notes about downloading and installing.

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