Swift playgrounds with questions to help prepare for an iOS technical interview
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Interview Prep

A collection of Swift questions and challenges to help prepare for a Swift / iOS technical interview

The Format:

Our Question Pages Begin with the Topics to be Covered

  • From Arrays to Strings
  • To running times and more

Our Questions Will Come Next

Each question is accompanied by a short description of the problem

An Example too, if the problem needs one:

someFunc() // written in as a block of code
And an inline solution or hint if the problem calls for one:
// a code block here makes the most sense too
fooFunc(int: coolParams)


Topics Covered Questions
Arrays, etc. The Basics
Classes, Structs, etc. Object Orientation
Substrings, Typealias, etc. Type Basics
String, Int, Array Manipulation Type Manipulation
Dictionaries, etc. Data Structure Deep Dive
Array, and Custom Data Structures Array Deep Dive
Extensions, Zip, Arrays, etc. Intro to Extensions