Wyliodrin STUDIO is a Chrome based IDE for software and hardware development in IoT and Embedded Linux
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Wyliodrin STUDIO

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Wyliodrin STUDIO is a Chrome based IDE for software and hardware development for IoT and Embedded Linux systems.


  • Connect to devices using TCP/IP or serial port
  • Develop software and firmware for IoT in several programming languages
  • Shell access to the device
  • Import and export Wyliodrin STUDIO projects
  • Visual dashboard for displaying sensor data
  • Display the hardware schematics
  • Manage packages for Python and Javascript
  • Task manager for managing the device
  • Network connection manager for the device (Ethernet and WiFi)
  • Interactive electronics documentation (resistor color code)
  • Example projects and firmware
  • Wyliodrin API documentation in C/C++, Python and Javascript

Supported devices:

  • Raspberry Pi and Arduino
  • UDOO Neo
  • BeagleBone Black
  • Arduino Yun

Supported languages

  • Visual Programming (translates to Python)
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Streams (node-red)
  • Shell Script (bash)


You may find Wyliodrin STUDIO on the Chrome Store



The device needs to run

You may download device images that have them installed from Wyliodrin.


You will need

You may build Wyliodrin STUDIO yourself

git clone https://www.github.com/Wyliodrin/WyliodrinSTUDIO
cd WyliodrinSTUDIO
yarn # npm install works slow
patch node_modules/highcharts-ng/dist/highcharts-ng.js patches/highcharts-ng.patch
patch node_modules/angular-tree-control/css/tree-control-attribute.css patches/tree-control-attribute.patch
patch node_modules/marked/lib/marked.js patches/marked.patch
patch node_modules/angular-ui-ace/src/ui-ace.js patches/angular-ui-ace.patch

Install grunt

sudo npm install -g grunt-cli 

The build is in the build folder


  • DEBUG_WYLIODRIN='wyliodrin.*' - enable debug messages (this will have a performance impact)
  • MIXPANEL_WYLIODRIN='' - mixpanel token for anonymous statistics sending


We would love your help. Click here to find out how to contribute.


Wyliodrin STUDIO is a product of Wyliodrin


Wyliodrin is a trademark of Wyliodrin SRL. All rights reservered.



Please consider contacting us at office@wyliodrin.com if you plan to use it in a commercial software. This license allows you to write/distribute/sell an applications written in Wyliodrin STUDIO. If does not allow you to sell Wyliodrin STUDIO or any derived products.