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About Wynntils

Wynntils is a Wynncraft mod that seeks to enhance the user's gameplay with a variety of customizable options and additions. If you find any bug or have crashed because of the mod, please report it at our official Discord server!

Setup the Workspace

To set up the workspace, just import the project as a gradle project into your IDE
To build the mod just call the buildDependents and the artifact should be generated in build/libs.

You can also setup a test environment. Run the task for generating run configurations for your IDE

  • Eclipse - genEclipseRuns
  • Intellij - genIntellijRuns
  • VSCode - genVSCodeRuns

When launching a run configuration use the generated run configuration

  • All IDEs - runClient


You will need to edit your GRADLE_HOME/,

  • Windows - C:\Users\<your username>\.gradle\
  • Unix - ~/.gradle/

to include your UUID, username, and access token.

  • mc_uuid= is your minecraft uuid, trimmed / without the dashes
  • mc_username= is your minecraft username, not email
  • mc_accessToken= is your access token, you may be able to find it at .minecraft/launcher_accounts.json or .minecraft/launcher_profiles.json

Alternatively, you may use DevAuth to authenticate.
Place the forge-legacy .jar in run/mods and configure as documented in the DevAuth readme.

Pull Request

All pull requests are welcome. We'll analyse it and if we determine it should a part of the mod, we'll implement it.

We welcome all forms of assistance. =)

If you would like to make a pull request, please compare and merge it with Wynntils:development rather than Wynntils:production.


Wynntils is licensed over the license GNU Affero General Public License v3.0
All the assets are over Wynntils domain © Wynntils.


Wynntils is a Wynncraft Mod that seeks to enhance the user's gameplay with a variety of customizable options and additions.







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