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Export all your Tumblr content to Hugo Markdown files with preserved original formatting.


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Forked from tumblr2markdown.

The Goal

The goal of this script is to let you completely export your content hosted on Tumblr to plain Markdown files suitable for Hugo.

It downloads and converts “text”, “photo”, “video”, “link”, and “quote” post bodies. It optionally also downloads images from Tumblr into your local storage. I have built and tested it to migrate from Tumblr to OctopressHugo, but it may have other uses as well.

I found tumblr2markdown, but the end result still required changing/adding front matter for Hugo, as well as removing a fair bit of HTML and converting them to Markdown. Combining it with html2text allowed me to quickly add in functionality to make the final output more Hugo-friendly. Thanks to the respective authors for their work, otherwise this would have taken a lot more time and effort.

This was used in the migration of my blog from Tumblr to the current Hugo-based one at


  • Converts your Tumblr posts to a Markdown format that is friendly for Hugo.
  • Supports all Tumblr posts type.
    • Video type support is limited. This script currently converts YouTube video links to the shortcode supported by Hugo, but other video links (e.g. Vimeo) are left in the original (HTML) format from Tumblr.
  • Ability to replace cross-links (other pages on the same Tumblr blog) with the newly created Markdown files. For example, if you have a post that links to, and you're trying to export the posts from, specifying --replace-links will update this point to point to if it exists (as a result of this script).
  • If you want to download your images, this script will sort them into individual folders (by post/Markdown filename) by default.

Known Bugs

If your "text" posts contains videos embedded as iframe (YouTube, etc.), this script will end up removing that portion of code. This seems to be an issue with html2text. Will see if I can think/implement any workarounds.


Requires py2tumblr and html2text.

How to Use

Just run it with -h switch.

ycsoh-mbp:tumblr2hugomarkdown ycsoh$ ./ -h
usage: [-h] --apikey APIKEY --host HOST
                          [--posts-path POSTSPATH] [--download-images]
                          [--images-path IMAGESPATH]
                          [--images-url-path IMAGESURLPATH]
                          [--no-image-folders] [--use-draft-mode]
                          [--replace-links] [--all-post-types]

Tumblr to Hugo Markdown downloader

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --apikey APIKEY       Tumblr API key
  --host HOST           Tumblr site host, e.g
  --posts-path POSTSPATH
                        Output path for posts, by default
  --download-images     Whether to download images hosted on Tumblr into a
                        local folder, and replace their URLs in posts
  --images-path IMAGESPATH
                        If downloading images, store them to this local path,
                        by default “output/static/img”
  --images-url-path IMAGESURLPATH
                        If downloading images, this is the URL path where they
                        are stored at, by default “/img”
  --no-image-folders    The images will be sorted into individual folders with
                        the folder names set to the matching Mardown file
                        names by default. Specify this argument if you do not
                        want them to be sorted.
  --use-draft-mode      The created Hugo Markdown files will be set to
                        draft=false by default. Specify this argument if you
                        want to create them in draft mode.
  --replace-links       If your current posts link to other posts within your
                        Tumblr blog, this will attempt to replace them with
                        the correct Markdown file, using Hugo's relref.
  --all-post-types      By default, this script only converts Tumblr posts
                        marked as “text” type. You can use this argument
                        if you want to convert all other posts type.
  --keep-reblogs        By default, this script will skip all reblogs. You can
                        use this argument if you want to convert/keep reblogs.

This app downloads all your Tumblr content into Markdown files that are
suitable for processing with Hugo. Optionally also downloads the images hosted
on Tumblr and replaces their URLs with locally hosted versions.

You will need a Tumblr API key, which you can get by registering a Tumblr application. Get the value called called “OAuth Consumer Key”.


Export all your Tumblr content to Hugo Markdown files with preserved original formatting.







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