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Welcome to the SA Tools wiki! Here's where you can find documentation and guides for these tools.

Before getting started, please make sure you check out the System Requirements to make sure you can use the tools.

SA Tools are used primarily to make mods for SADX PC (2004) and SA2 PC (Steam). You can also use them to rip data from different versions of SA1/2, including Dreamcast and Gamecube versions.

Overview of the tools

Below you can find descriptions of editors included in SA Tools. To get started with modding, make a project with SA Tools Hub.

Additional tools used for more specific tasks:

Advanced usage

If you're looking to do things a little more manually (or work with the Dreamcast or Gamecube titles) the below links will help you out.

Additional links

Below you'll find links to additional resources to help get started with modding.