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X-Plane Scenery Tools README

The X-Plane Scenery Tools (XPTools) code base is the source code tree for all of the Laminar Research scenery creation/editing tools. This code does not include X-Plane and the "X-Apps" (PlaneMaker, WorldMaker, AirfoilMaker, and Briefer). It does include source to the ac3d x-plane plugin, WED, the various tools, and our global scenery generator.

The latest info on basic usage of this repository can be found on the X-Plane Developer site.

Licensing and Copyright

The code original to Laminar Research lives in the sub-directory "src" and is licensed under the MIT/X11 license. If you find a source file with no copyright, or double/ conflicting copyright, please report this (see contact info below)---this is probably a clerical error.

The directory "libs" contains tarballs of a number of publicly available open source libraries---they are included for convenience in building. I believe that all of the libsrc libraries are under either an MIT/X11-type or GPL-type license---if you find a library that is incompatible with WED's licensing, pleaes report this.

Build materials are in the root directory.


See the Developer site for setup, build instructions, and dev environment setup.

If you have the "latest" version of the code, some projects may not build, or may not build in release mode. To get a stable release, use a tag associated with some kind of beta or release milestone.

Top Level File Structure

  • SceneryTools.xcodeproj
    • Xcode project file for all tools on macOS.
  • libs
    • Third party library directory. The makefile will unpack the tarballs and apply the patches; when done the libs directory contains the static archives we use and headers. The XPTools code does not require you to install the libraries globally on your system.
  • Makefile and makerules
    • Master makefile for Linux/Windows. Makerules contains the makefiles for particular apps.
  • README.md
    • Top level docs.
  • scripts
    • A collection of scripts we use to package distros, and other things.
  • SDK
    • Third party code required to build the tools that does not come in a standard library format.
  • src
    • The main source tree for the various tools.


Documentation about sub-modules of the code are typically in a file called README in the directory being documented. For example, see src/README.txt for an overview of the code tree structure, or src/XESCore/README.txt for notes on the XESCore package.


bsupnik at xsquawkbox dot net.