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@X0rg X0rg released this Jan 13, 2019 · 127 commits to master since this release

Version 3.2.4.
Portable software (x86_64 only):

  • CPU-X_v3.2.4_portable.tar.gz (Linux and FreeBSD)
  • CPU-X_v3.2.4_portable_noGTK.tar.gz, same without GTK support (Linux and FreeBSD)
  • CPU-X_v3.2.4_x86_64.AppImage (Linux only)

All needed dependencies are included in portable version, excepted GTK.

Distro packages are available in following tarballs.
Note: Some extra packages may be included (like libcpuid-devel, cpuidtool or debug symbols), but they are not required to run CPU-X.

JSON-C is a new dependency. This library is used to parse GitHub API and check for new release. It can be disabled with -DWITH_LIBJSONC=0.

Fedora 29 and Ubuntu 18.10 are now supported in tarballs.
This is the latest version that provides tarballs for portable version. Use the AppImage instead. See this wiki page for more details.

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