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WindowsInk provides two new output modes

  Windows Ink Absolute Mode
  Windows Ink Relative Mode

These output modes enable pen pressure support for all apps compatible with Windows Ink API like:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Paint Tool SAI 2 (SAI 1 is not supported)
  • Clip Studio Paint
  • Krita
  • Corel Painter
  • etc...



OTD -> Plugins -> Plugin Manager -> WindowsInk -> Install


In order for WindowsInk to work, you'll have to set it as the active output mode of OTD as follows:


(You may choose either the absolute or relative variant)

Then go to OTD -> Pen Settings, and then click on the small button on the right side of the tip binding. Set it as follows:


At this point, WindowsInk plugin is now properly set up, but for better experience it is recommended that you also do the following bindings:


Don't forget to hit Apply! 🍞

Commonly Asked Questions

Windows Ink is not responding to pen input!

If you're not receiving a notification saying that you should install VMulti driver, follow its instructions for updating VMulti driver.

Mouse bindings are not working!

Windows Ink cursor and the normal mouse cursor are separate entities within Windows and has different capabilities. A Windows Ink cursor do not have the ability to send a "normal" mouse left/right/middle click. Use the Windows Ink bindings instead.

  • Left click is equivalent to Pen tip.
  • Right click is equivalent to Pen button.


Huge thanks to skyborgff for the base implementation!


Output Modes
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