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XAMPPRocky committed Jun 10, 2019
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# 10.0.0

- Fixed minor parsing bugs.
- Width is now limited to 80 unless you use the `--files` flag.
- Added the `mjs` extension to JavaScript.
- Added the `tpp` extension to C++.
- You can now disable Tokei's git ignore detection, similar to ripgrep. See
`--help` for options.
- You can now add a `.tokeignore` file to your project to specify file paths
for tokei to always ignore. This file uses the same syntax as `.gitignore`.
- Improved Pascal representation

**Added languages**
@hobofan solidity
@stefanmaric GraphQL
@jhpratt PostCSS
@evitalis RPM
@alexmaco Pony
@yjhmelody WASM, LLVM, Pest

# 9.0.0

* Tokei now has config files. You can now specify some commonly used arguments

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