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force overwrite in gui/customgui mode. since we don't change the actu…

…al location of the image the new image won't be updated untill there's cache update
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commit 280d484c82227fa05038122217dab103f9600227 1 parent 41d20a6
Martijn Kaijser MartijnKaijser authored
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@@ -594,9 +594,9 @@ def _batch_download(self, image_list):
# Try downloading the file and catch errors while trying to
if self.settings.files_local and not item['arttype'] in ['extrafanart', 'extrathumbs']:
- if not self.fileops._exists(item['localfilename']):
+ if not self.fileops._exists(item['localfilename']) or self.mode == 'customgui' or self.mode == 'gui':
self.fileops._downloadfile(item['url'], item['filename'], item['targetdirs'], item['media_name'], self.mode)
- item['url'] = item['localfilename'].replace('\\','\\\\')
+ item['url'] = item['localfilename'].replace('\\','\\\\')
if item['mediatype'] == 'movie':
if item['arttype'] == 'poster':
xbmc.executeJSONRPC('{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "VideoLibrary.SetMovieDetails", "params": { "movieid": %i, "art": { "poster": "%s" }}, "id": 1 }' %(item['dbid'], item['url']))
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