Inline XBRL sample documents
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iXBRL sample documents

This repository contains a number of Inline XBRL (or iXBRL) sample documents created by XBRL International.

These samples were created to demonstrate that the requirement to use XHTML in iXBRL documents imposes no practical constraints on the design and styling of the documents.

The samples also demonstrate some of the practical benefits and features of using HTML+CSS rather than PDF for financial reports, including the ability to make the reports mobile-friendly through the use of responsive CSS, and the ability to target print media in order to create high quality, printable documents (and PDFs).

As well as including the final iXBRL documents, this repository includes documentation on how these samples were prepared, and the source from which they were generated (see iXBRL creation)


The repository includes the following samples:


The samples are created using a simple templating system, and CSS files prepared using the less CSS preprocessor. The source from which these files are built can be found the src directory

We will be publishing more details on the templating system used to produce these samples very shortly