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Commits on Oct 24, 2012
  1. @siuying

    Fix GPUImage@siuying pod

    siuying authored
    correct the spec name
  2. @siuying

    Add a versioned GPUImage fork

    siuying authored
    - Revert the change to the GPUImage pod.
    - Add a forked GPUImage@siuying that use a forked versioned repo
    see #626
  3. @siuying
  4. @fabiopelosin

    Merge pull request #650 from clarisli/foursquare_ios_api

    fabiopelosin authored
    add support for foursquare-ios-api
  5. @fabiopelosin

    Merge pull request #652 from mbinna/TTTAttributedLabel-1.4.0

    fabiopelosin authored
    Add TTTAttributedLabel 1.4.0
  6. @fabiopelosin

    Merge pull request #658 from gabriel/capturerecord-0.2.3

    fabiopelosin authored
    CaptureRecord 0.2.3
  7. @fabiopelosin

    Merge pull request #660 from grosshei/master

    fabiopelosin authored
    Adding podspec for sqlite3 library
  8. @fabiopelosin

    Merge pull request #661 from gdagley/master

    fabiopelosin authored
    CMPopTipView 1.2.0
  9. @gdagley

    [Update] CMPopTipView 1.2.0

    gdagley authored
Commits on Oct 23, 2012
  1. @kevinrenskers

    [Update] LastFm 0.5.2

    kevinrenskers authored
  2. @grosshei
  3. @gabriel

    CaptureRecord 0.2.3

    gabriel authored
  4. @kreeger

    Merge pull request #657 from kreeger/upstream

    kreeger authored
    Adding new version of SKInnerShadowLayer spec.
  5. @kreeger
  6. @kreeger

    Merge pull request #656 from kreeger/upstream

    kreeger authored
    Fixing ARC declarations on two related pods.
  7. @kreeger
  8. @youknowone
  9. @youknowone

    FoundationExtension 0.2.1

    youknowone authored
    UIImage resize hotfix
    Fix summary
  10. @jwilling

    [Add] Rebel (0.1)

    jwilling authored
  11. @AlexIzvekov

    [Add] MASShortcut (1.1)

    AlexIzvekov authored
  12. @youknowone

    Merge pull request #654 from youknowone/master

    youknowone authored
    Update FoundationExtension
  13. @youknowone

    Update FoundationExtension

    youknowone authored
  14. @clarisli
  15. @clarisli
  16. @matzew

    Merge pull request #653 from matzew/master

    matzew authored
    Adding AeroGear milestone1 version to the repo
  17. @matzew
  18. @kevinrenskers

    Merge branch 'master' of

    kevinrenskers authored
    # By Eloy Durán
    # Via Eloy Durán
    * 'master' of
      Revert "[Fix] REVClusterMap (0.0.1)", spec already existed.
  19. @kevinrenskers

    [Update] LastFm 0.5.1

    kevinrenskers authored
  20. @alloy
  21. @alloy

    [Fix] REVClusterMap (0.0.1)

    alloy authored
  22. @fabiopelosin

    Merge pull request #646 from youknowone/FoundationExtension

    fabiopelosin authored
    Merge UIKitExtension to FoundationExtension subspec
  23. @mbinna

    Add TTTAttributedLabel 1.4.0

    mbinna authored
  24. @yetithefoot
  25. @orta

    Merge pull request #648 from youknowone/ObjectXML

    orta authored
    [Add] ObjectXML
  26. @matzew

    Merge pull request #651 from matzew/master

    matzew authored
    Adding new AeroGear version to the repo
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