Game engine powered by libgdx.
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sps-gamelib is a game engine powered by libgdx.

It aims to make developing for Lin/Mac/Win take as little time as possible.

Non-desktop platforms are not supported at this time.

New features and improvements to sps-gamelib are pulled from each Simple Path Studios game immediately following it's 1.0.0 release.

I strive to keep code reuse high between games to ease prototyping. That means projects can be thrown together quickly, but limits many configuration options.

Currently it provides:

  • Command based input detection system
  • Input agnostic player management
  • Supports both keyboard chords and controllers for player input
  • State handling architecture with isolated state components (Text, Audio, Graphics)
  • Preloading framework, for both the engine itself and arbitrary states
  • Autoloaded sprite animations
  • Asset management (sound, music, graphics, game data, and user data)
  • Music and Sound Effects players
  • Entity management for centralized access to game objects
  • Efficient text rendering and effects
  • Easily editable and in-game configurable OpenGL vertex and fragment shaders
  • Procedural texture generation (Perlin noise, radial gradients, linear gradients)
  • Integrated tutorials
  • In-game Tutorial, Pause Menu, and Exit Menu prompts
  • User accessible control configuration menu
  • User accessible player selection menu
  • Default main menu system
  • Deferred ordering on render calls
  • Fixed and moveable rendering viewports
  • Lightweight UI elements with straightforward styling
  • On-the-fly font cache generation, no more ugly stretched and squished bitmap fonts
  • Multifaceted timers
  • Thread monitoring and game-freeze prevention
  • Game save/load framework
  • Immutable colors
  • Color format translation
  • Color manipulation
  • Lightweight file and console logging
  • Developer console with support for in-game commands

This framework uses the MIT license. See LICENSE.txt for terms of that license.