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as demanded by their license
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@@ -39,7 +39,13 @@ XCSoar currently supports these formats:
Cambridge/WinPilot (.dat), SeeYou (.cup), Zander (.wpz), OziExplorer (.wpt) and FS/GpsDump (.wpt)
- [Download Waypoints](/download/waypoints/)
- *(imported from the Welt2000 project)*
+ *<small>(The waypoint database is adapted from the
+ <a target="_blank" href="">WELT2000
+ database</a> which is made available under
+ <a target="_blank" href="">Open
+ Database Licence</a>. Please
+ <a target="_blank" href="">contribute
+ to the WELT2000 project</a>!)</small>*
- [Download Waypoints from Soaringweb](
## Waypoint Details
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