Demo of using Vapor for XCUITests
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Demo of using Vapor for stubing network requests for XCUITests in iOS apps.


  • Xcode 9 +
  • openssl
  • Swift 4+


Run Example App and Real UITests

  • Clone this repository on macOS
$ git clone
$ cd Vapor-XCTest
  • Open the iOS app in Xcode using the Xcode Project

      $ open Vapor-XCTest.xcodeproj

This is example app showing the Github user information. It ak to enter your Github username and once clicked on Submit button, it displays all the user details. Now that, you will see an example app with couple of demo UITests. One with real network request and another with stubbed network request with Vapor

Try, running LocationCheckWithoutStub.swift which makes real network request. YOu can see that it uses the launchEnvironment value from real server app.launchEnvironment = ["BASEURL" : ""]

Run Vapor Server and Stubbed UITest

Run Vapor Server from command line

Now, navigate to the Vapor-Server directory where we have all Vapor setup. Build the project and run server. The server will send the dummy response that stubbed in the main.swift

     $ cd Vapor-Server
     $ swift build
     $ .build/debug/Vapor-Server serve

This will start vapor server on port 8080 and listen to response from local vapor server.

Now run the UITest LocationCheckWithVaporStub.swift which uses local response, you can see that launchEnvironment value fro local network. app.launchEnvironment = ["BASEURL" : "http://localhost:8080"] You can see that test wil pass with the response Stubbed data from `main.swift