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Sitecore Commerce Engine Disable Country State Zip Validation plugin

This plugin allows the user to disable validation of Country State Zip.

  • It resolves the inconveniences caused by those validation, especially the states and zip.
  • It resolve having the developer upload every states in the world under every countries in the world before a checkout can be successful.
  • Some countries do not have Zip or post code


This is a validation plugin


This plugin was sponsored and created by XCentium.

How to Install

  1. Copy it to your Sitecore Commerce Engine Solution and add it as a project

  2. Add it as a dependency to your Sitecore Commerce Engine Project.Json file by adding the line below "Plugin.Xcentium.Validation.DisableCountryStateZip": "1.0.2301"

  3. You are ready to start using it.


  • If you have any questions, comment or need us to help install, extend or adapt to your needs, do not hesitate to reachout to us at XCentium.