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Query for the Latest Release of Python Packages
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Query for the Latest Release of Python Packages

This mini project is to provide a tool to query for the latest release of Python packages (API reference:

It may be helpful when your project is broken due to some dependency update breaks backward compatibility or conflicts with other packages in you dependencies.

The result is sorted using package upload time on PyPi (latest release first). By comparing with your build/test history, you may identify which package is more likely to have led to the build/test failures.


  1. List the packages you would like to check in a file, say packages_to_check.txt, in the working dir.

    You can run pip freeze > packages_to_check.txt to prepare it as well.

    Each row inside this file should be in format <package name> or <package name>==<version>

  2. Run python packages_to_check.txt.


  • The version and upload date returned here are the latest information on PyPi, rather than the version in your environment.



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