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XDNA integration/staging repository

XDNA is a brand new digital currency that combines all the positive aspects of successful digital currencies, while taking into account their flaws and weak points. The project brings tangible benefits not only to the digital world but also to the real one.

More information at Visit our ANN thread at BitcoinTalk, join our [Discord] ( server.

Coin Specs

Name & tickerXDNA
Consensus algorithmPOS/MN
POS Starting Block682500 blocks
Block reward on POS stage8 with halving every 2 years (every 1051200 blocks)
POS reward 10 %
Maximum XDNA supply 21,000,000
POS phase durationUnlimited
Premine971,712 XDNA (0.7% of POW total supply)
Blocksize1 MB
Blocktime average1 min (DGW3)
Number of transaction confirmations6
Maturity60 confirmations
Masternode reward system T.N.T.
Light | Medium | Full masternode requirement:5000 | 10000 | 50000 XDNA
Light | Medium | Full masternode rewards: 10% | 30% | 50% of block reward
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