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MiuiCamera Port for Xiaomi's Devices
Smali Java
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MiuiCamera Port for Xiaomi's Devices

Self sufficient repository to decompile to smali, recompile, sign, decompile to java, push to device app port. was used as src.

Recommended to open this Repository in VSCode

Also requires Java 1.7 or 1.8, and 7-zip.

Instructions for Development:

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Run redo.bat
  3. Start porting

Instructions for Testing:

  1. Download the zip from
  2. Install the Magisk zip with Magisk, or Unity zip with recovery
  3. Reboot Once, if it doesn't work properly, reboot twice.
  4. Start Testing

Special Thanks to Abhishek Aggarwal ( for bringing this up to Beta version Mustang_ssc ( for his help in adding support for other devices Amogha Maiya ( for sponsoring, and all-round help Sandeep ( for help with the libs Psygarden ( for his general help.

Steps to Port MiuiCamera from scratch:

  1. Unpack System of Miui ROM
    1. Mount to E:
    2. Use Brotli Extracter as below
      1. brotli.exe --decompress --in E:\ --out <PathToExtractTo>\
    3. We then use IMG_Extracter to extract
      1. For me it doesn't extract properly. So we use 7zip to re-extract the img file it creates, &z should only throw errors about symlink, nothing else. This you can ignore
    4. Similarly do it for vendor
  2. Setup Original files for Decompiling
    1. Copy following to ANXCamera\orig\MiuiFrameworks. Files to be taken from Unpacked ROM above
      1. framework\framework-ext-res\framework-ext-res.apk
      2. framework\framework-res.apk
      3. app\miui\miui.apk
      4. app\miuisystem\miuisystem.apk
    2. Copy following to ANXCamera\orig
      1. priv-app\MiuiCamera\MiuiCamera.apk
  3. Prepare APKTool for decompiling
    1. Install above framework files by running following commands
      1. java -jar ..\ANXMiuiPortTools\apktool.jar if -p ..\ANXMiuiPortTools\MiuiFrameworks .\orig\MiuiFrameworks\framework-res.apk
      2. java -jar ..\ANXMiuiPortTools\apktool.jar if -p ..\ANXMiuiPortTools\MiuiFrameworks .\orig\MiuiFrameworks\miui.apk
      3. java -jar ..\ANXMiuiPortTools\apktool.jar if -p ..\ANXMiuiPortTools\MiuiFrameworks .\orig\MiuiFrameworks\framework-ext-res.apk
      4. java -jar ..\ANXMiuiPortTools\apktool.jar if -p ..\ANXMiuiPortTools\MiuiFrameworks .\orig\MiuiFrameworks\miuisystem.apk
      5. Or
      6. Run preparefw.bat
  4. Decompile MiuiCamera by running
    1. java -jar ..\ANXMiuiPortTools\apktool.jar d -p ..\ANXMiuiPortTools\MiuiFrameworks -f -b -o .\src\ANXCamera .\orig\MiuiCamera.apk
    2. Parameters
      1. d, decode
      2. -p, --frame-path
      3. -f, --force
      4. -b, --no-debug-info
      5. -o, --output
  5. Open src\ANXCamera\AndroidManifest.xml and format the document
  6. First Compile Attempt
    1. Run recompile.bat just to check whether we are able to recompile without any modification
    2. Run sign.bat to sign and zipalign
    3. Run jadx.bat to create java code from compiled apk. This fails, don't worry, it does whatever it can
  7. Next we will Deodex rom and decompile the required libs
    1. Run in WSL or Linux $ /<path to vdexExtractor>/tools/deodex/ -i /<path to system>/framework -o /<path to deodex destination>/framework
      1. for e.g. /mnt/g/Downloads/Android/vdex/vdexExtractor/tools/deodex/ -i /mnt/g/Downloads/Android/systemcephy9627/system/framework -o /mnt/g/Downloads/Android/systemcephy9627deodex/framework
    2. Above will deodex the system framework
    3. Now we decompile the required libs
      1. Copy latest baksmali.*.jar to <path to deodex destination>
      2. To identify what libs you need to decompile. Open src\ANXCamera\AndroidManifest.xml
        1. Find the uses-library XML Nodes. We need to decompile these
        2. We will skip miui-stat.jar as we will disable miui-stats from sending data to miui.
      3. Open a cmd inside <path to deodex destination> folder. And run the following:
        1. java -jar baksmali-2.2.7.jar d -o android-support-v7-recyclerview .\framework\vdexExtractor_deodexed\android-support-v7-recyclerview\android-support-v7-recyclerview_classes.dex.dex
        2. java -jar baksmali-2.2.7.jar d -o android-support-v13 .\framework\vdexExtractor_deodexed\android-support-v13\android-support-v13_classes.dex.dex
        3. java -jar baksmali-2.2.7.jar d -o boot-framework .\framework\vdexExtractor_deodexed\boot-framework\boot-framework_classes.dex
        4. java -jar baksmali-2.2.7.jar d -o boot-framework2 .\framework\vdexExtractor_deodexed\boot-framework\boot-framework_classes2.dex
        5. java -jar baksmali-2.2.7.jar d -o boot-framework3 .\framework\vdexExtractor_deodexed\boot-framework\boot-framework_classes3.dex
        6. java -jar baksmali-2.2.7.jar d -o boot-miui .\framework\vdexExtractor_deodexed\boot-miui\boot-miui_classes.dex
        7. java -jar baksmali-2.2.7.jar d -o boot-miuisystem .\framework\vdexExtractor_deodexed\boot-miuisystem\boot-miuisystem_classes.dex
        8. java -jar baksmali-2.2.7.jar d -o gson .\framework\vdexExtractor_deodexed\gson\gson_classes.dex.dex
        9. java -jar baksmali-2.2.7.jar d -o volley .\framework\vdexExtractor_deodexed\volley\volley_classes.dex.dex
        10. java -jar baksmali-2.2.7.jar d -o zxing .\framework\vdexExtractor_deodexed\zxing\zxing_classes.dex.dex
  8. Now we will add few of the above decompiles libs to our code
    1. Create a folder src\ANXCamera\smali_classes2
    2. Copy the contents of
      1. <path to deodex destination>\zxing
    3. to src\ANXCamera\smali_classes2. It should finally contain two folders
      1. com
  9. Set required = false in AndroidManifest of these libs as their code is now included
  10. Add missing smali files from decompiled miui rom
    1. Check copymiuiclasses.bat for more info
  11. Prepare the Unity Template
  12. Add native libs
    1. Hex patched libs
      1. src\ANXCameraUnity\system\lib\
      2. src\ANXCameraUnity\system\lib64\
    2. Required Stock Libs to
      1. src\ANXCameraUnity\system\priv-app\ANXCamera\lib\arm64\
  13. Edit Smali
  14. ...
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