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For more information and additional resources including recommended modules, example sites built on Dzl, please visit:

Drupal Dzl

Lightweight & flexible Bootstrap sub-theme for Drupal. Fork of Tweme by Anton Staroverov ( with major changes made to logo placement, UI adjustments & additional regions added for site building flexibility.


  1. Install jQuery Update module.
  2. Go to Configuration > Development > jQuery update.
  3. In the Default jQuery Version select the latest available version.
  4. Install Bootstrap base theme as usual.
  5. Install [Dzl] Theme


CSS3 Animated Blocks Enabled with jQuery scroll delay



  • Option 1 (very simple) Use the Block Class module - and simply assign "animated choiceofanimation" (example: "animated shake") in the block CSS class.
  • Option 2 (more advanced) Assign the following code (class="revealOnScroll" data-animation="fadeInUp") to any element to trigger the desired animation (defined in data-animation="") on scroll. (Example: class="revealOnScroll" data-animation="bounce")
  • A full listing of all of the animations and demonstrations of their effects is available at =>

Header Notes

To use a background in the header region, please download and install the [Image Block] module ( then go to "Structure -> Blocks -> Add Image Block" and put the newly created Image Block in the "Header background" region. The background will show up when you place a block in the "Header" section, behind that content.

Additional Notes

  • The top "jumbotron" area is set to display if a block is placed within "header". If you would like a jumbotron on the front page, as a block and place it in this region and assign it to only for visibility.
  • Note: If your site has a wider logo and / or wider Site Name / Site Slogan, you can swap out the "visible-sm" tag in page.tlp.php file from line 18 to line 6, enabling the vertical display which allows for more room for the "sm" size view.


Dzl Drupal Theme




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