A web app that projects how long it will take for a user to max out the slayer skill given the methods they choose to use.
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RS Slayer Calculator -- WIP*

How it Works

  1. Type in your slayer XP without commas, and press go.
  2. Select the methods you want use (see list below) 2a. Note: Indented methods require their parent method to be active.
  3. You'll see the days until 99/120 update as you select options
  4. Use the information to choose which methods are worth using

Supported Methods

  • Daily Challenge

    • Extend Challenge
  • Black Pearl (2x/Week)

  • Jack of Trades / Legendary JOT

    • Aura Reset
  • Slayer Masks / Helms

    • Spirit of Battle (Mask Reset)
    • BXP for all Tasks (2x)
    • Stacked BXP Modifier (3x)
  • Penguin Hide and Seek (10 pts)

    • Penguin Hide and Seek (21 pts)

*XP rate for all methods is currently at 50k/day --- to be updated
*Indented methods can be activated without their parents --- to be updated