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Xiropht RPC Wallet especially made for exchanges, web wallet
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Xiropht RPC Wallet specialy made for exchanges, web wallet.

RPC Wallet tool use the Token Network system described on the whitepaper:

To get more explanations, please refer to our Wiki pages:


  • Encrypted [AES 256bit] Database by password who store wallets informations.

  • Auto Update wallets balance informations. (Interval of update is set to 10 seconds, this interval can be change on the setting file).

  • Log system, write logs.

  • Remote Node Sync system, permit to sync transaction(s) of each wallets stored inside of the RPC Wallet.

  • API HTTP System (Default port 8000), permit to link a website or a web service like an nginx proxy in front:

    -> Permit to get the total of wallet stored inside the RPC Wallet tool.

    -> Permit to get wallet address from an index selected.

    -> Permit to get the current balance and pending balance from an index or a wallet address selected.

    -> Permit to create a new wallet and return the wallet address created. (In case of errors after multiple retry, you can set a max keep alive argument for retry automaticaly the attempt to create a wallet until to reach it).

    -> Permit to send a transaction from an index or a wallet address selected with an amount,fee, anonymous option, wallet address target selected, return the status of the transaction request(refused, accepted, busy).

    -> The RPC Wallet is setting up to allow only one attempt to send a transaction per wallets until to retrieve a response from the network.

    -> Always return JSON string request.

  • API Encryption Key option system [AES 256bit], can be set to require to encrypt GET request received and response to send.

  • API Whitelist, permit to accept only ip's listed, if the list is empty the API HTTP system accept every incoming connection.

  • Command line system:

    -> Permit to change the log level for see what's going on every systems one by one.

    -> Permit to create manualy a new wallet and store it inside the database encrypted.

Newtonsoft.Json library is used since version for the API HTTP/HTTPS system:

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