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Welcome to the Xiropht RPC Wallet wiki!

The RPC Wallet of Xiropht use the Token Network System explained on our Whitepaper:

  • Command lines list in program side:

  • This one permit to handle multiple different wallets without to keep alive a connection 24h/24 and created one by one per wallets stored inside of the RPC Wallet.

  • Every wallets are stored inside of a database file encrypted (by AES 256) by a password that you have selected.

  • An API System inside of the RPC Wallet permit to link it to websites or another apps like a web wallet or an exchanges.

-> To get more explanations please refer to the dedicated page about it:

  • A Remote Node Sync mode permit to sync with your own Remote Node, every transaction(s) of every wallet(s) stored.

-> Every transaction(s) sync are saved inside a database file and keep their original encryption (by AES 256) key (Wallet Address + Wallet Public Key)