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The official solo miner of Xiropht
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XIROPHT Major Update
-> Implement new seed node connection system.
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Official Xiropht Solo Miner.

In production, we suggest to compile in Release Mode for disable log files and debug mode.


-> This miner require Netframework 4.6.1 minimum and the Xiropht Connector All library:


-> This miner require Mono for be executed or compiled into a binary file follow those instructions:

- apt-get install mono-complete

- mono Xiropht-Solo-Miner.exe

-> You can also make your own linux binary for don't have to install mono:

- mkbundle Xiropht-Solo-Miner.exe -o Xiropht-Solo-Miner Xiropht-Connector-All.dll --deps -z --static

- ./Xiropht-Solo-Miner

The config.ini file of the miner is initialized after the first running.

This release as been compiled into Debug Mode, because we are currently in private test.

Hashrate test [Updated 13/02/2019]:

-> Raspberry PI 3 (On Raspberian OS): 1238C/s | 1157H/s | Accurate Rate 93.46%

-> Ryzen 7 2700x No OC (On Windows 10): 4521 C/s | 4187 H/s | Accurate Rate 92,61%

-> Celeron G3930 (On Windows 10): 2150C/s | 1890H/s | Accurate Rate 91,25%


For more informations about how work the Xiropht Mining System, please check out the Wiki:

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