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Official Xiropht Solo Miner.

Note: This Solo Miner is the standard miner tool of Xiropht, this is just a compatible example tool with the actual mining system who permit to other developers to improve it or to create their own miner tool.

Current math generator system can be improved easily.

External developers have the freedom to edit this solo mining tool for increase his performance


-> This miner require Netframework 4.6.1 minimum and the Xiropht Connector All library:


-> This miner require Mono for be executed or compiled into a binary file follow those instructions:

- apt-get install mono-complete

- mono Xiropht-Solo-Miner.exe

-> You can also make your own linux binary for don't have to install mono:

- mkbundle Xiropht-Solo-Miner.exe -o Xiropht-Solo-Miner Xiropht-Connector-All.dll Newtonsoft.Json.dll  --deps -z --static

- ./Xiropht-Solo-Miner

A batch script has been provided to show a better example here:

The config.ini file of the miner is initialized after the first running.

This release as been compiled into Debug Mode, because we are currently in private test.

Hashrate test [Updated 14/09/2020]:

-> Raspberry PI 3 (On Raspberian OS): 9,2 KH/s.

-> Ryzen 7 2700x No OC (On Windows 10): 390 to 400 KH/s.


For more informations about how work the Xiropht Mining System, please check out the Wiki:

Newtonsoft.Json library is used since version


  • Xiropht (Sam Segura)