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#define FOR(i,n) for(i=0; i<n; ++i)
typedef unsigned char u8;
typedef unsigned long long int u64;
typedef unsigned int ui;
void Keccak(ui r, ui c, const u8 *in, u64 inLen, u8 sfx, u8 *out, u64 outLen);
void FIPS202_SHAKE128(const u8 *in, u64 inLen, u8 *out, u64 outLen) { Keccak(1344, 256, in, inLen, 0x1F, out, outLen); }
void FIPS202_SHAKE256(const u8 *in, u64 inLen, u8 *out, u64 outLen) { Keccak(1088, 512, in, inLen, 0x1F, out, outLen); }
void FIPS202_SHA3_224(const u8 *in, u64 inLen, u8 *out) { Keccak(1152, 448, in, inLen, 0x06, out, 28); }
void FIPS202_SHA3_256(const u8 *in, u64 inLen, u8 *out) { Keccak(1088, 512, in, inLen, 0x06, out, 32); }
void FIPS202_SHA3_384(const u8 *in, u64 inLen, u8 *out) { Keccak(832, 768, in, inLen, 0x06, out, 48); }
void FIPS202_SHA3_512(const u8 *in, u64 inLen, u8 *out) { Keccak(576, 1024, in, inLen, 0x06, out, 64); }
int LFSR86540(u8 *R) { (*R)=((*R)<<1)^(((*R)&0x80)?0x71:0); return ((*R)&2)>>1; }
#define ROL(a,o) ((((u64)a)<<o)^(((u64)a)>>(64-o)))
static u64 load64(const u8 *x) { ui i; u64 u=0; FOR(i,8) { u<<=8; u|=x[7-i]; } return u; }
static void store64(u8 *x, u64 u) { ui i; FOR(i,8) { x[i]=u; u>>=8; } }
static void xor64(u8 *x, u64 u) { ui i; FOR(i,8) { x[i]^=u; u>>=8; } }
#define rL(x,y) load64((u8*)s+8*(x+5*y))
#define wL(x,y,l) store64((u8*)s+8*(x+5*y),l)
#define XL(x,y,l) xor64((u8*)s+8*(x+5*y),l)
void KeccakF1600(void *s)
ui r,x,y,i,j,Y; u8 R=0x01; u64 C[5],D;
for(i=0; i<24; i++) {
/*θ*/ FOR(x,5) C[x]=rL(x,0)^rL(x,1)^rL(x,2)^rL(x,3)^rL(x,4); FOR(x,5) { D=C[(x+4)%5]^ROL(C[(x+1)%5],1); FOR(y,5) XL(x,y,D); }
/*ρπ*/ x=1; y=r=0; D=rL(x,y); FOR(j,24) { r+=j+1; Y=(2*x+3*y)%5; x=y; y=Y; C[0]=rL(x,y); wL(x,y,ROL(D,r%64)); D=C[0]; }
/*χ*/ FOR(y,5) { FOR(x,5) C[x]=rL(x,y); FOR(x,5) wL(x,y,C[x]^((~C[(x+1)%5])&C[(x+2)%5])); }
/*ι*/ FOR(j,7) if (LFSR86540(&R)) XL(0,0,(u64)1<<((1<<j)-1));
void Keccak(ui r, ui c, const u8 *in, u64 inLen, u8 sfx, u8 *out, u64 outLen)
/*initialize*/ u8 s[200]; ui R=r/8; ui i,b=0; FOR(i,200) s[i]=0;
/*absorb*/ while(inLen>0) { b=(inLen<R)?inLen:R; FOR(i,b) s[i]^=in[i]; in+=b; inLen-=b; if (b==R) { KeccakF1600(s); b=0; } }
/*pad*/ s[b]^=sfx; if((sfx&0x80)&&(b==(R-1))) KeccakF1600(s); s[R-1]^=0x80; KeccakF1600(s);
/*squeeze*/ while(outLen>0) { b=(outLen<R)?outLen:R; FOR(i,b) out[i]=s[i]; out+=b; outLen-=b; if(outLen>0) KeccakF1600(s); }