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Upcoming version (unreleased)

  • added contains method for Devices class.
  • fixed KeyError when action refers to a non existing device.

0.9.1 - Release 2018-10-28

  • state_addresses of binary_sesor should return emty value if no state address is set.
  • state_address for notification device

0.9.0 - Release 2018-09-23

  • Updated requirements
  • Feature: Added new DPTs for DPTEnthalpy, DPTPartsPerMillion, DPTVoltage. Thanks @magenbrot #146
  • Breaking Change: Only read explicit state addresses #140
  • Minor: Fixed some comments, @magenbrot #145
  • Minor: lowered loglevel from INFO to DEBUG for 'correct answer from KNX bus' @magenbrot #144
  • Feature: Add fan device, @itineric #139
  • Bugfix: Tunnel: Use the bus address assigned by the server, @M-o-a-T #141
  • Bugfix: Adde:wd a check for windows because windows does not support add_signal @pulse-mind #135
  • Bugfix: correct testing if xknx exists within self @FireFrei #131
  • Feature: Implement support to automatically reconnect KNX/IP tunnel, @rnixx #125
  • Feature: Adjusted to Home Assistant's changes to light colors @oliverblaha #128
  • Feature: Scan multiple gateways @DrMurx #111
  • Bugfix: Pylint errors @rnixx #132
  • Typo: @itineric #124
  • Feature: Add support for KNX DPT 20.105 @cian #122

0.8.5 -Release 2018-03-10

0.8.4 -Release 2018-03-04

  • Bugfix: invert scaling value #114
  • Minor: current_brightness and current_color are now properties
  • Feature: Added DPT 5.010 DPTValue1Ucount @andreasnanko #109

0.8.3 - Release 2018-02-05

  • Color support for HASS plugin
  • Bugfixes (esp problem with unhashable exceptions)
  • Refactoring: splitted up
  • Better test coverage

0.8.1 - Release 2018-02-03

  • Basic support for colored lights
  • Better unit test coverage

0.8.0 - Release 2018-01-27

  • New example for MQTT forwarder (thanks @JohanElmis)
  • Splitted up Address into GroupAddress and PhysicalAddress (thanks @encbladexp)
  • Time object was renamed to Datetime and does now support different broadcast types "time", "date" and "datetime" (thanks @Roemer)
  • Many new DTP datapoints esp for physical values (thanks @Straeng and @JohanElmis)
  • new asyncio await syntax
  • new device "ExposeSensor" to read a local value from KNX bus or to expose a local value to KNX bus.
  • Support for KNX-scenes
  • better test coverage
  • Fixed versions for dependencies (@encbladexp)

And many more smaller improvements :-)

0.7.7-0.7.18 - Release 2017-11-05

  • Many iterations and bugfixes to get climate support with setpoint shift working.
  • Support for invert-position and invert-angle within cover.
  • State updater may be switched of within home assistant plugin

0.7.6 - Release 2017-08-09

Introduced KNX HVAC/Climate support with operation modes (Frost protection, night, comfort).

0.7.0 - Released 2017-07-30

More asyncio:

More intense usage of asyncio. All device operations and callback functions are now async.

E.g. to switch on a light you have to do:

await light.set_on()

See updated examples for details.

Renaming of several objects:

The naming of some device were changed in order to get the nomenclature closer to several other automation projects and to avoid confusion. The device objects were also moved into xknx.devices.


Renamed class Thermostat to Climate . Plase rename the section within configuration:

        Cellar.Thermostat: {group_address_temperature: '6/2/0'}


Renamed class Shutter to Cover. Plase rename the section within configuration:

        Livingroom.Shutter_1: {group_address_long: '1/4/1', group_address_short: '1/4/2', group_address_position_feedback: '1/4/3', group_address_position: '1/4/4', travel_time_down: 50, travel_time_up: 60 }

Binary Sensor

Renamed class Switch to BinarySensor. Plase rename the section within configuration:

            group_address: '5/0/0'

Sensors with value_type=binary are now integrated into the BinarySensor class:

        SleepingRoom.Motion.Sensor: {group_address: '6/0/0', device_class: 'motion'}
        ExtraRoom.Motion.Sensor: {group_address: '6/0/1', device_class: 'motion'}

The attribute significant_bit is now only possible within binary_sensors:

        Kitchen.Thermostat.Presence: {group_address: '3/0/2', device_class: 'motion', significant_bit: 2}


Renamed Outlet to Switch (Sorry for the confusion...). The configuration now looks like:

        Livingroom.Outlet_1: {group_address: '1/3/1'}
        Livingroom.Outlet_2: {group_address: '1/3/2'}

Within Light class i introduced an attribute group_address_brightness_state. The attribute group_address_state was renamed to group_address_switch_state. I also removed the attribute group_address_dimm (which did not have any implemented logic).

Version 0.6.2 - Released 2017-07-24

XKNX Tunnel now does hartbeat - and reopens connections which are no longer valid.

Version 0.6.0 - Released 2017-07-23

Using asyncio interface, XKNX has now to be stated and stopped asynchronously:

import asyncio
from xknx import XKNX, Outlet

async def main():
    xknx = XKNX()
    await xknx.start()
    outlet = Outlet(xknx,
    await asyncio.sleep(2)
    await xknx.stop()

# pylint: disable=invalid-name
loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()

sync_state was renamed to sync:

await sensor2.sync()