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"""Abstraction to send ConnectRequest and wait for ConnectResponse."""
from xknx.knxip import (HPAI, ConnectRequestType, ConnectResponse, KNXIPFrame,
from .request_response import RequestResponse
class Connect(RequestResponse):
"""Class to send a ConnectRequest and wait for ConnectResponse.."""
def __init__(self, xknx, udp_client):
"""Initialize Connect class."""
self.xknx = xknx
self.udp_client = udp_client
super(Connect, self).__init__(xknx, self.udp_client, ConnectResponse)
self.communication_channel = 0
self.identifier = 0
def create_knxipframe(self):
"""Create KNX/IP Frame object to be sent to device."""
(local_addr, local_port) = self.udp_client.getsockname()
knxipframe = KNXIPFrame(self.xknx)
knxipframe.body.request_type = ConnectRequestType.TUNNEL_CONNECTION
# set control_endpoint and data_endpoint to the same udp_connection
knxipframe.body.control_endpoint = HPAI(
ip_addr=local_addr, port=local_port)
knxipframe.body.data_endpoint = HPAI(
ip_addr=local_addr, port=local_port)
return knxipframe
def on_success_hook(self, knxipframe):
"""Set communication channel and identifier after having received a valid answer."""
self.communication_channel = knxipframe.body.communication_channel
self.identifier = knxipframe.body.identifier
# Use the address they gave us
self.xknx.own_address.raw = self.identifier