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Website for the XLSForm spec
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Website for the XLSForm spec published on


Install Jekyll and run with jekyll serve on http://localhost:4000.


All content is in the _sections and _data folders.

Add a translation

  1. Copy the file in _sections that you are translating (and give it a new filename - there are no filename rules, but it's helpful to include the language name, e.g.
  2. Change the 2-character lang value at the top to the new file (e.g. fr) and translate the content of the file.
  3. Add language columns to the 3 CSV files in the _data folder with ::fr added to the translated columns. Any columns without language tags are included in all languages (ie. the columns "Enketo?", "ODK?"). It is best to not translate those columns.
  4. Copy the en folder and rename it to the language you are adding, e.g. fr.
  5. In the new folder, change the lang and title values at the top of each file.
  6. Finally add a translated site description in _config.yml
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