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Xamarin Forms Labs is a open source project that aims to provide a powerful and cross platform set of controls and helpers tailored to work with Xamarin Forms.
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Xamarin Forms Labs Build status

Build status

XLabs is a open source project that aims to provide a powerful and cross platform set of services and controls tailored to work with Xamarin and Xamarin Forms.

##NOTICE: This project is no longer maintained. It may not work with newer versions of Xamarin.Forms.

Call for action for all Xamarin Developers, embrace this project and share your controls and services with the community, add your own control to the toolkit.

Important for developers The master branch is the current development branch. The v.2.0 is the stable branch.

Find a Bug or Fix a Bug [Issue Tracker] (

Available controls

Available services

  • Accelerometer
  • Cache
  • Camera (Picture and Video picker, Take Picture, Take Video)
  • Device (battery info, device info, sensors, accelerometers)
  • Display
  • Geolocator
  • Phone Service (cellular network info, make phonecalls)
  • SoundService
  • Text To Speech
  • Secure Storage
  • Settings

Available Mvvm helpers (Beta)

  • ViewModel (navigation, isbusy)
  • ViewFactory
  • IOC
  • IXFormsApp (application events)

Available Plugins

  • Serialization (ServiceStackV3, ProtoBuf, JSON.Net)
  • Caching (SQLLiteSimpleCache)
  • Dependency Injection containers (TinyIOC, Autofac, NInject, SimpleInjector, Unity)
  • Web (RestClient)
  • Charting (Line, Bar & Pie) (Alpha)


We are working in a great wiki on how to use the controls and services.

Good forum post helping you setup and use XLabs

Using the MVVM Helpers

ViewFactory Coming soon

Using the controls

Add XLabs.Forms reference to your projects , main pcl, ios, android, and wp.

Xaml :

Reference the assembly namespace


Render your control:

 <controls:ImageButton Text="Twitter" BackgroundColor="#01abdf" TextColor="#ffffff" HeightRequest="75" WidthRequest="175" Image="icon_twitter" Orientation="ImageToLeft"  ImageHeightRequest="50" ImageWidthRequest="50" />

Or from your codebehind:

var button = new ImageButton() {
            ImageHeightRequest = 50,
            ImageWidthRequest = 50,
            Orientation = ImageOrientation.ImageToLeft,
            Source = "icon_twitter.png",
            Text = "Twitter"
stacker.Children.Add (button);

Using the Services




    var device = Resolver.Resolve<IDevice>();
    device.Display; //display information
    device.Battery; //battery information


    var device = Resolver.Resolve<IDevice>();
    // not all devices have phone service, f.e. iPod and Android tablets
    // so we need to check if phone service is available
    if (device.PhoneService != null)
        device.PhoneService.DialNumber("+1 (855) 926-2746");

Initializing the Services

Do this before using the services

Step 1:

  • iOS => Make sure your AppDelegate inherits from XFormsApplicationDelegate

  • Android => MainActivity inherits from XFormsApplicationDroid

  • Windows Phone => Add this line to your App.cs var app = new XFormsAppWP(); app.Init(this);

Step 2: Initialize the container in your app startup code.

    var container = new SimpleContainer ();
    container.Register<IDevice> (t => AppleDevice.CurrentDevice);
    container.Register<IDisplay> (t => t.Resolve<IDevice> ().Display);
    container.Register<INetwork>(t=> t.Resolve<IDevice>().Network);

    Resolver.SetResolver (container.GetResolver ());

For more info on initialization go to the Labs Wiki

Build the project

To develop on this project, just clone the project to your computer, package restore is enable so build the solution first, if you get any errors try to build each project independently .


Main Packages:


  • To be updated...


Other Project Contributions:

  • Xamarin.Mobile


Everbody is welcome to contribute with any kind of controls or features at this time.

Twitter hashtag : #xflabs


XLabs Chat room online on Jabbr


License Apache 2.0 more about that in the LICENSE file.

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