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XMB Manager Plus Installer

XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+) Installer is the source code for the EBOOT.BIN of XMB Manager Plus



  • aldostools (coding, SFX/SFO editor/converter)
  • andreus (coding, translator)
  • Berion (graphical design)
  • bitsbubba (coding, themes)
  • CloneD (themes, tester, videos)
  • DeViL303 (coding, POC/WIP)
  • dragoangel (translator, themes)
  • ps3Hen (coding, 4.00 port, translator)
  • XiorgON (tester, translator, coding)
  • xlsound (images)
  • wawryn (translator)

XMBM+ Builder Toolkit

  • GUI: XiorgON
  • Batch coding: andreus, ps3hen, XiorgON
  • SFX/SFO editor/converter: aldostools
  • Graphical design: Berion

XMBM+ Installer

  • Coding: andreus

Special thanks

  • rebug team for the package manager installer
  • sandungas for the ps3devwiki and all is help
  • deroad for the PSXBrew, NoRSX and all is help
  • all xmbm+ toolkit tools developers
  • all the testers and bug reporters
  • and of course the users


As a team we believe in open collaboration which means sharing everything so everyone can understand if they want to.

The Development Page, this is where we discuss/plan for the XMBM+. If you have any ideas/suggestions send them there.

The entire source in available for download in the git