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XMAX Code Weekly



  • [platform]Mainchain run environment configuration.
  • [platform]Adjusts the mainchain deployment run.
  • [message]Net Message optimization.
  • [exception]Exception mechanism optimization.


  • [test]Random transfer test script.
  • [API]Basic balance inquery function.


  • [model]Implements the getCoinBase interface.
  • [CSS]Adjusts the overall style.
  • [RPC]Implements RPC addAccount.



  • [exception]Handle exception construction log message.
  • [apirpc]HTTP interfaces apply Allow Credentials Configuration.


  • [test]Improve the XMAX test library.
  • [test]Organize XMAX transaction message template, transaction JSON message splicing.
  • [test]Improve XMAX JSON toolkit, Message Serialization, Message Bulk Send.
  • [message]More specific exception messages for debuging.
  • [script]Collate API JS Library Code.
  • [V8]Modify virtual machine smart contract runtime process.


  • [ether]Implements the set provider interface.
  • [RPC]Get Block RPC implementation.
  • [css]Adjusts HTML body style.
  • [model]Implements the Getblocktransactioncount interface.



  • [apirpc]Added Credential Option setting.
  • [exception]Log message generation.


  • [test]Develop basic Python library for test scripts.
  • [test]Develop transaction creation template.
  • [test]Sidechain message creation template.
  • [test]Sidechain RPC Call template.
  • [script]Collate API JS Library code.
  • [V8]Modify virtual machine smart contract runtime process.


  • [exception]Error tip display support.
  • [express]Balance Router implementation.
  • [express]Balance Router match format for Ethereum Addresses.
  • [RPC]Balance RPC implementation.
  • [config|test]Test address configuration and trial run.
  • [website]Handles RPC data truncation issues.



  • [exception]Add more exception handling.


  • [node]Improve the multi node startup logic.
  • [consensus]Correct the logical error of bifurcation.
  • [script]The contract function of Token is added to verify the completeness of the issuance data, the legality of signature and operation.


  • [web]Use Strict DI mode to enhance security.
  • [wallet-common] Add wallet common module.
  • [style]Add and replace font styles.
  • [transaction]Access Gas Price,add Gas limit information.
  • [transaction]Implement Send transaction logic.
  • [transaction]Increase links to historical transactions.
  • [config]Increase Ethernet network configuration.
  • [account]Add address format validation.



  • [db]Define the basic structure of the block,prepare for the quick main logic.
  • [foundation]Implement automatic reflection logic and related macros so can reduce the difficulty of data definition and the amount of code, and increase the development speed.
  • [apirpc]Url handler registration management.
  • [exception]Remove old attributes and replace them in Implementation Class.


  • [node]Fixed some crash problems caused by node connection logic when multi node startup.
  • [script]The contract supports charging gas fees to prepare for refining gas.
  • [transaction]Related basic data structures for token interaction, such as address logic, message sending structure, data cache structure, etc. Prepare for the next step to achieve transaction logic.


  • [route] add home link.
  • [project] Adjust the web site export and export directory.
  • [script] Fix the bug of webpage base library in web page reference.
  • [script] The base library adds the private key conversion interface.
  • [account] According to the calculation of the private key, the address is displayed on the web page。
  • [account] Add private key format validation logic and interface.
  • [account] Add account information page display.
  • [account] Implement async get balance logic.
  • [account] Balance information display format adjustment.
  • [account] Repair the account drop-down list.
  • [config] Project uses test network.



  • [db]Improve plug-in initialization logic, eliminate abandoned functions, solve the initialization process related problems.
  • [db]Add the data structure of the main account table which based on unitedb.
  • [db]Define block data structure


  • [node]Multi machine startup node at the same time, initially verify the multi node startup logic of side chain.
  • [node]Fix data error caused by data synchronization delay during node startup processing.
  • [v8]Limit the maximum number of messages per block.
  • [v8]System transactions can settle gas fees.
  • [v8]Gas sorting logic.
  • [script]After the ERC20 token is transferred to the side chain, the transaction process can be verified in the Ethernet store.
  • [script]Modification of ERC20 data structure which causes unit test error.
  • [mongodb]Adjust MongoDB to adapt to new Contract ABI main chain.
  • [apirpc]Network message request cache processing,
  • [apirpc]Add the HTTP handler structure and the corresponding interface.


  • Mainchain:improve table item declaration for unitedb.
  • Mainchain:add chain processing module.
  • Mainchain:APIRPC plugin network modele.
  • Mainchain:improve exception handling.
  • Sidechain:independent contract account logic.
  • Sidechain:capital tracing mechanism.
  • Sidechain:Multi node interconnection.
  • Sidechain:improve data packaging.


  • Mainchain:add unitedb.
  • Mainchain:unitedb testcase.
  • Mainchain:improve RPC plug-in's network function logic.
  • Sidechain:split contract account.
  • Sidechain:adjust block receipt reflection.
  • Sidechain:confirmed block's size calculation and persistence.
  • Sidechain:improved token symbol encoding, length is supported to 7 characters.
  • Sidechain:simplify interface call.
  • Sidechain:data packing mechanism.


  • Mainchain:fix compiling error without MongoDB lib。
  • Mainchain:optimize plug-in configuration logic for application initialization。
  • Mainchain: database commit logic。
  • Mainchain:data serialization and hash.
  • Mainchain:database operation testcase.
  • Sidechain:improve authority system logic.
  • Sidechain:fix block verification bug.
  • Sidechain:improve MongoDB transaction serialization.
  • Sidechain:modify genesis block structure.
  • Sidechain:fix bugs caused by token precision error.
  • Sidechain:add P2P UPNP.
  • Sidechain:fix V8 dependent environment deployment problem.


  • Mainchain:data processing logic in memory。
  • Mainchain:add APIRPC plugin。
  • Sidechain:authority system logic。
  • Sidechain:ERC20 transfer interface。
  • Sidechain:ERC20 transferFrom interface。
  • Sidechain:ERC721 balanceOf interface。
  • Sidechain:ERC721 improve Owner finding。
  • Sidechain:ERC721 ownerof interface。
  • Sidechain:implement SafeMath library。


  • Mainchain:the block verification.
  • Mainchain:implement version merging.
  • Mainchain:auto generating API Documents.
  • Mainchain:P2P network sending/receiving message.
  • Mainchain:P2P UPNP.
  • Mainchain:change int type define.
  • Sidechain:fork switching logic.
  • Sidechain:Configuration Readme.
  • Sidechain:reconstruct plugin manager.
  • Sidechain:change transaction logic.


  • Mainchain: define message sending and receiving mechanism.
  • Mainchain: add the protocol base library project.
  • Mainchain: configuration description document.
  • Sidechain: The data structure of the authority system.
  • Sidechain: forking logic.
  • Sidechain: support more character types and longer names.
  • Sidechain: type externsion in V8 Virtual Machine
  • Sidechain: ERC20,ERC721 interface: revoke.
  • Sidechain: ERC20 interface: totalsupply,balanceOf.


  • Mainchain: P2P net framework.
  • Mainchain: database module.
  • Mainchain: implement dynamic loading plugins.
  • Mainchain: plugin dependency analyzer.
  • Sidechain:ERC721 data unit testcase.
  • Sidechain:Issue ERC721 interface.
  • Sidechain: ERC20 & ERC721 Mint interface.
  • Sidechain: Extend ERC20 data.
  • Sidechain: Transaction processing flow.
  • Sidechain: automatic validation logic of an irreversible block.


  • Mainchain string formatter and logger.
  • First DB structure in mainchain.
  • Configuration resolver in mainchain.
  • Program option manager in mainchain.
  • Message processing when generating blocks in sidechain.
  • Modify windows building evironment of sidechain.
  • ERC20 structure unit testcase of sidechain.
  • Extend ERC721 structure of sidechain.
  • Store executed vm instructions.
  • Sidechain p2p network.


  • Mainchain Application excuting flow changes.
  • Improve Mainchain base library:exception,any value,any object,short name.
  • Mainchain network testcase.
  • Save and load logic of sidechain.
  • BFT logic of sidechain.
  • Mainchain network testcase.
  • Create sidechain test framework.
  • Add broadcast and synchronization in sidechain nodes.
  • Extend ERC20 Token structure in sidechain.
  • Change function callback insert from ast parsing stage to bytecode generate stage.
  • Insert a callback function after each instruction.


  • Switch V8 VM to 6.4.1
  • Add interface to insert intrinsic function,call intrinsic function in every block.
  • Collate the building environment configuration of MongoDB.
  • Add test project of MongoDB ,wrtie testcase.
  • Improve ProtoBuf testcase.
  • Implement any value basetype to save any value.
  • Write any value testcase.
  • Blockbuilder plugin base logic.
  • File API encryption.


  • Smart contract document for sidechain.
  • Unify naming of plugin system.
  • Proto file build&compile flow.
  • Protobuf testcase.
  • Network plugin for mainchain.
  • Timer structure for mainchain.
  • Timer structure testcase.


  • Build base module for xmax mainchain:log, basetype, build macro, cmakeconfig.
  • A smart library for Application framework & Plugin.
  • Implement the MongoDB serialization logic of the support-chain and fix some problems.
  • Add configuration and building steps of some necessary libraries to the main chain, including secp256k1, protobuf and boost.
  • embed v8 Virtual Machine: 1、compile js. 2、call js function. 3.js type export.
  • Supplement some smart contract description document on support-chain.
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