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xSwatch is a theme for XOOPS 2.5 that is based on Bootstrap 3.3.7.

The main theme is based on Bootswatch Cerulean, and a dark alternative is based on Bootswatch Slate. Theme specific templates are generally compatible with and in many cases borrowed from xBootstrap.


  • emphasis on better mobile experience
  • self hosted, with no off domain resources required
  • built in EU cookie compliance
  • administrator toolbar with block edit feature

Customize xSwatch:

  • customize the Navigation Bar in tpl/nav-menu.tpl and language/*/main.php to match your system
  • customize the Jumbotron in theme.tpl
  • for best experience install both the PM and Profile modules
  • to enable the dark theme, copy the contents of the css-dark directory to the css directory.
  • alternate Bootswatch themes can be swapped in easily by coping the theme's bootstrap.min.css into the css folder.


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