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XOSP File Manager


XOSP File Manager is a simple file manager based on the CyanogenMod one, redesigned visually for XOSP. It includes all the functions of the CyanogenMod File Manager but with more improvements coming in the near future.


  • Xperia Fresh UI look
  • 3 navigation modes: Safe mode,Prompt user mode and Root mode (by default)
  • History
  • Bookmarks
  • Search
  • Pick browsing
  • Breadcrumb browsing
  • Multiple selection
  • Layout view selection
  • Sort order selection
  • Show/Hide system files
  • Compression and uncompression
  • Add shortcuts to desktop
  • Mount and unmount file systems
  • Change file permissions
  • File system information
  • File information
  • Open and Open With
  • Send to
  • Internal editor